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I. O. O. F. WASgJïKAW LQDGE No 9, of the Independent - oder of Odd Fellowa raeets at their Luiiy liyum, evftry ('"ridny evening, at ö % o'clock. 0. COLUER, N. b. L. W. W.HX.1CS, Sec'j TWITCHELL ie OLARkT" ATTOBSEys and Counsellors at Law, General Life aml Sire Iusurauce agent. Otlioe In Ctty Huil Bluck, ou Hurüii t., Aun Arbor. GoHectiooa jiruinptly m.nir and reinitted, and special attontiun sni lo convi-uincing. U. Ü. TWITCHELL, [74tt'J E. P. CI.ARK, JAMES B. GOTT," T AWOKFICE, Xo.2, ovcrSlawson & Ucer's Store. SCOÏT & TOBEY. AMBROTYPE & PHOTOOBPH AlïTJSTS, iu the ropms fornierly oceupied ly Cordley, over the store of Sperry k Mooru Pt'rfec t satislucUon guaiaiiteed. L. D. GODFRET, Ttor.vey .vu Coi-nseixor at I.Hw, Aon Arbor I IX Üöict Xorth ËMtOorner of the Court House. SUTHERLAND & BELL," TTTeolesalb á mrut cbocbrs, ëw( wñe of Main atreel TF Ana Arbur, jK# I'rovifridnb buuglit and sold ft W Ñ. "STÏRONG, DrALEa iu DryGoods, Boots audShces, Groceries, Bonnets,Faucy (Joods, &6.. ExchaDge Ijluck, Ann Aibor. WINES & KNIGHT. DKAU5M in Staple, inuey Drj Goods, Boots and Khoes, &Cf &.C., -Mam Streel Aua AfLur. MAETIN & THOMPSON. Fraxiiiiui Ware-Rooms, Dealer in all kinds ui' Furniture, 4c. Biuck, Mam Street. KISDON & HËNDERSON, DEALEltó in Hai"dMTare,Stüves. lionát furuifiliiD goodd, 'EaWair S. se, Kw Bkk, Main Stroc't. A. P. MÏLLa7 Dealer in Staple Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots aud SlioesandKeadv JU'lu Clutliiug, HurooCitroot Aiiu Arborj JOHN W. MAYNARD, Dealer 'm Staple Fancy DryGnods, Boots aud Shues, &c. itc., Main Street, Aun Arbur. BEAJCEti fc ABEL, ATTOKXEYSi: Cou.vsellors AT Ijw, aud Solicitors in Ckiiuecry. Üflice in tlie old Post Office builuiog, Anu Arbor KINGSLEY & MORGAÑO ttoksvys, Couüsellorfc, íolicitors, and Notaries PubZi. lic, have Books and Plats Bhowing titles of all lands in the jouuty, andaticnd toconveyanciugand coilecting öemaads, auU to paying laxes aad school interest in auy part oí tae títate. wftice east siie of the Square. Ann Arbor. JAMES E. COOK, TtrSTiCE OF tue PfiiCK. Office near the Decot, Ypsilanti, J Michigan. j. lovejoyTmTïxT" PnractAy & Scrgeox, has permanently locnted in the City of Ann Arbor, and holds hiinselt in ruadinesB to attend to all calis in tholineof hus profession. Residence oaXorth St., ïö house ut of Catholic Church. Ym. LEWÍTT,M. D., PHTBIOAX k Sl'Rceox. Office at his residence, Xorth side of Huron Ktreet, and 2d house West of irision street, Ann Arbor. O. COLÍJER" MA-tcricn-REE and dealer in Boots and Shoes. Exchange Block, i doors South of Maynard, Stebbins & WilBOn'a atore, Ann Arbor, llicb. MOOEE & LOOMK. MurUTACTUBSs an 1 iealer in Boot anJ Shoes,Maïn st, onrt door north oí J. W. Maynard'e. Wm. S. SAUNDEBS, DEJI.ER in Boots, Shoes, and Rubbers, Alln Arbor Cash Boot & Shoe itore , south side of Public Square. M. GUITÈRMAN & CO.., Wholesale and Retail dealers and manufacturera of KeadyMadeClothintImporters of Cloths, Cassimeres, Üueskin?, Sc. No. 5, New Block, Ano Arbor. C. B. PORTEE, jepMP Surgeox Ijzxtist. Office corner of Main AJmLXV and Hurón streets, over P. Bacli's store, yJ Ana Arbor, Michigan. WTWAGÑER, Dealer n Ready Made Clothing Cloths, Cassimeres and Vesting, Hats, Ciips, Trunks OarpetBags, &c. Main t, Ann Arbor. M. CAMPKOT, Mekolint Tatlor and dealer in Ready Made Clothing, No 41, Phoenix Block, Ann Arbor. BACH & PIERSON nsiuatsinDry Goods, Groceries, Hardware. Boots & V fchoes, &c., Main strpet, AunArbor. AYÑARD, S1EBBINS db CoT DlBTn-iIr3' Go"4"' Gro;es, Drugs & Medicinen, UJdootb&bhoes.üc., corner of Main and Anu streets just Delow the fcxehango, Ann Arbur. EBERliAOH. &TÖO Dealers in Drugs and Medidnos, Perfumery Toilet ,rt! olee, a few doors soutü of the Franklin House, Ann 8LAW SON & GEER, Grocees. riiovisio.v & Coinmission Merchants.and dealers in Wathi Ljjis, one door East of Uook's Hotel. „ABLföS, Dealer iuClocks, Walches, Jewehry. and Fancy Goodi, t the sigu uf tboBigWatch, -Vo. 27, Phoenix Block. J. C. WATTS. DEALBRin Clocks , Watches , Jewclry and Sllver Ware No Z, Sew Block, Ann Arbor. t. b7fèeeman. 1} areer and Fashionablo Uair Dresser, Main Street U Ann Arbor, Mich. Hair Fronta and Curls kept oonstantly on hand. SCHOFF & MILLEE. rEALïRs inMiscellaneoug, School, and Blank Books Sta j-tionery, Paper Hangings, &c, Main Street Ann D. DeFOEEST. lynoiESALBandRetaU Dealerin Lumber, Lath Shin gles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Water Lime, rand Rivra Piaster, ('laster Paris, and Nails of all sizes. A full and perfect a&sortmrnt of the above, and all other kinds of building matermls constantly on hand at the Iowcst jossible rates, on Detroit Street, a few rods froru . "ailroad Depot. Also operating extensively in the Patent (Jement Rooting. WaSUTENAWCOUNTY B1BLE SÜCIETyT CHAPIlvr WOOD & CÖT SÜCCEBflOJtS TO Xj-craxrxj, onua.ii3xrcfc co MANUFACTURERS ÜF Ixirit, BooIjl, - ANDCOLORED MEDIUMS ANN AUBOK MICH. O. 33, PORTiaRT ü E N T 1 S T AFHCE corI,e Of Mrain & Jinronstreet, opposite the ii„l Hou, Ann Arbor, where he continúes to wr bis customers any style of work desirod in the art Surgical Meolianical & Denistry, whchhfo?btuWtVth.ncJt'1 eld fül1 and Pf gold, Particular aSlfortairt". ,y :Il""Ot b "'Lassed. CTIM, remodvlní tT } t"Ji-faB„ftl,e mouthand tioni 'tor chiílrél ltí 'fmthe,te!lh' ad ■ dentition. mere rè Lg 1„ ' 7k' "."? ,imPclfect ruents lately iutroduced inu,M, h bcaut.AÜ ímprovefor beauty natural 5?'; whl? nnot fail to please. Who"o "-''l'l)Mt work: v:late,silvcrplate,continuous gum T„a 1 W AUoanewnd improved meüio"?? w?J?, C' -oI:t, whfcb , man; reects surer5JtB .Sí 698