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Peter Cartright And "Honest Abe."

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The Buft'alo Courier tells tlio following incident wliich oceurred oa the train of cars whieh loft Baílalo tbr the east at 3 o'clock on Monday, the 21st inst. Tne venerable Peter Cartright had taken nis soat for Rochester, and during some fit'teen minutes previous to the time of storting, the Doctor was giving in Lus honest mauuer his opinión of both Stephen A. Douglas and Abraham Lincoln. He had fiuished the "Little Giant," and was saying of "Honest Abe" that he was agood citizen and "in point of talent a second rate lawyer." Just at this monient in carne a bouncing hot republiean, with his platform in his hand, and took hisseat near the doctor. He came just in time to hear the remark in regard to Mr. Liucoln's talent, and it roused him woederfullj. He niterrupted the doctor (net knowing who he was), and proceeded uudor aratherhigh pressure of steam to inl'onu him that he was mistaken on that point. After he had blown off somewhat, the doctor said : - "Wel], my friend, I do not know hut you are more familiar with the oharacter and history of Mr. Douglas and Mr. Lincoln than I am. For myself, I oau only say that I have lived in the same eounty with both of them for twenty-fivo years ; that I gave Mr. Douglas thu first office he was ever favored with ; that I have myself twice run in opposition to Mr. Lincoln for a seat in the Legislaturo of Illinois, and beaten hiui both times, and can again, if I will." By this time you may well suppose that the laugliter drowned whatever else the doctor might have said. í' A good joke is told at the expenso of an attaché of ono of the Republiean journals of this city. Last Friday eveniüg he was hssténing from the telegraph office with a Iresh disjüituh from Chicago in his hand, when an aequaintance stopped him with the inquiry: "Who is nominíitcd for Vico President?" "Oannibal Animal, of Wïsconsin; and a strong nomination itistoo," "Bat who is he?" "Why, don't yon know Oannibal Animal of Wisconsin? Havon't you heard of him?" KNo ; I don't rernernber. Let me look at your dispateh." ' The diapatch was shown, and the acquaintance disoovered that his informant had jjot thingu slightly mixed. "Why," suid he," it is Ilanni'bal Hamlin, of Maine." "Is it," said the attaché, "Well it don't nuike inuch diftcrence." i i - i - i - ■ , Every plain girl has one consolation ; though not a pretty young lady. sho will, if shu livcs, bc a pretty old one.