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Rights Of American Naturalized Citizens In France.--the Washington

Rights Of American Naturalized Citizens In France.--the Washington image
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Union publishes a recent decisión in a t'rench court, by wliich tlie principie conteuded for by General Cass, in his instruction to Mr. Wright, at Uerliu on the 8th of July last, in the case of Christian Ernst, has boen recognized by the French tribunal. This precedent will, it is hoped, have ite due effect in olhcr Euro pean eountries where naturalized citizens are liable to be impressed iuto military service. A native of the Department of the Lower Ithiue, named Michael Zeitcr, emigrated, in earlv youth, to America, and subsequently became an adopted citizen of the United States. Zeiter's name was on the registry of the conseription, and as he did not answer, he was condemned, and became liable to seizure on his return to France. He went back to his native province, and was imprisoned. An appeal in hisbehalf was made to the Minister of the United States, Mr. Faulkncr, who imniedhtely addressed M. Thouvenel, and claiming the discharge of Zeiter, on the ground that he had become a citizen of the United States, and, owing no further allegiance to France, could not bo foreed to perform service in the French arrny. After due examination, and the hearing of counsel on both sides, the court dcclared: That by the production of a certifícate which was delivered to him on the 28th of May last by the consul-general of the United States at Paris, the plaintiff has proved that he is au American citizen. - In consequence, it declares and ackaowledges that the plaintiff, Michael Zeiter, by his naturalizaron in a foreigu country, has lost the quality of Frenchiuan.