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Vermont Gold Diggings

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-Mr. Wm. G. Patienee,of this city, has just returned from the gold diggings in the town oí Plymouth, Windsor county, Vermont, and hasbrought with him a specimen of the dust collectod thero. It is similar in appearanco to California gold being in fino scales, with here and there a larger piece "spooned" out of the rock drifts. Ho purchased from the original owners, Measrs. Pollard & Pinnoy, a claim whioli ho will ei tb er work or lease. The claims are loased for five years each. About 180 men are now at work there, making from 83 to $20 each per day. Mr. Patience informs us that he knew two mon whilo ho was there, one week ago, take out on Monday and Tuosday, $80 worth. The auriferous deposita estend for miles over the country, but the olaimsmostly workod are on the banks of a little brook where the water can be easily managed to vvash the earth and sand from the metal. Mr. Patienoe with another man, took out nearly $5 worth of the gold in his first essay of scven hours. It is pronounced by jowelers, Californians, and other goodjudges, to be of superior purïty. Several old Californians are working claims, and oxpress themselves perfectly satisfied with their returns. The method used to obtam the metal is simple. A dam is thrown across the stream and a narrow flume of bark with cleats across the bottom leads from it. Into this tho oarth is thrown and water let on. The earth and smaller stones are carriod off and the largo stones picked out. The gold is found caught against the cleats. - Hartford (Cl.) Times, Juli 10. j5j" Lovc raay exist without jealousy, ilthough this is rare ; but jealousy may üxist without lovc, aud this ia common.