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The Grape Question

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We note tbat Mr. Bright, who boa publisliud u little work un Qrape Culture, wliich we have noticed, Feara tliat the honor of originating the single stem bjbtom, wbjeu h wna i'ne first to apply to the nativo grápe, will be takeu froin hiui by ,i more pretentious essay tl. at haa recent]y boen published at Germantown by Vm. Saunüors. Mr. Bright'a work íh a perfect hand bnok of itself, and has boen rei-eivcd witli greai favor. The system he )i;ih (fflbptcü by general consent should bc cnlled the "Brigut System,' as; he wn ui.ijiustioi:: ■!.-!}" thu ürst to apply it on a lurgftiícale iu tlii.s country. Mr. Uri-ht givesa coudónsèd summaxj of hia Bvst"i in t"c followiug : " 1 Mopose to cultívate native grapes witli ai . ui li bare and precisión aswe do fureign kinds, aiidto produce largo erójps feot grnpes aud laree bunchea free froiu rot and inildew. In the first place, I requiro tliiit t!ie vine shall be plantee! shallow, in 8oil rot overrich, and the roots kept ncar the surface by niulchicg aiid topdreesing. Next, Idemand, as a refuÍFÍtu to success, the cane shall be grown as a dwarf, not over three to six i'eetlong, and kept constantly cuncentrated witliin that limit by summer pinching, and that the la terals shall be stopped at least four times during the BeasOU. - No wood of any conscqucnce must bo frown to bc out away at tbc fall pruniug. f the vine bc vfeak the leader must be stopped severa) times. Wlicn tUe cane isfruited,. only one bimch must ever bc left ou shoot, and the shoüts tóust bo Etoppcd as soon as the fruit is set at two joint beyoud the bunch, and the stopping 'proects must be continued ou the shoots aiid laterals, leaving onc new leaf on eacli new joint each time time of stopping, until the rtoning coinniences. Nor must the shoott or laterals bc alluwed to cstend to throe or four joints, eithcr white growing the canes or when fruiting, bforo this stopping t performed. My idea is to cultívate the nativo as carefully as we are compelled to do the foreign vine, in a pot ; and if this be done, I ani sure the result will be in the highest degree satisfactory. If the best possiblc table grapes bo desired, I would advise thinning the bunches as we do in the gvapery, and I would ako limit the length of the cano to threo leet or lew. After fruiting, cut down the last ycar's cane, leaving only two or three cyes on the last year'a wood, and take a wbole ycar to produce a ncw cano beibre fruiting agaiu." Mulïipn $raus.