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What Shall I Give?

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BY MES. L. H. S1G0UU.VKY. 'It is inore bles -e J (o give th ui receive." OUve prnyei'3, the evening hath begim; Be eurlier than the rising sun. Remember tbose who teel the rod; Remember thoe who kuow not God. Hia hand can boundless blossings give; iiraitlie prayert; through theiuthe soul shall live, Givo alni8; the needy sink with pain; Tlie orphani inourn; the crushud complain. (Jivo tïecly, hoarded gold 3 euised, A pi'ey to rubbers and to rust. Christ througli liis poor, n emiiu dulh mako; Give gludly, fot our Öaviour'a sake. Gira books; thoy lire wlien you are doad; Liglit on the darkened mind they shed; Good saed th-y aow, f rom age to age, Through all tniV mortal pilgrimage, They nurse thetïtne of holy trust; They wake untirJd When you ars dust. Give 8miles, to cheer tho litlle child, A stranger on tbis thorny wild, It bi'ingeth love, its guard to ba - It, helpless, asketh love of thee, However by f:)rtune's gift unblessed, Give snules to childhood's guilelesa breast. Give worda, kind words, to thoso who err; Hemorse doth ned a eomforter Though in temptation's wiles they fall, Condemti not - we are sinners all. With the eweet charity of speech Give worda that heal and worda that teaoh. Give thought, give onergy to themes, That perish not like foliy's dreams. Hark! from the isluuds of the sea The missionary cries to thee; To aid hi n on a heathon soil, Give thought, give energy, give toil.