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A Story With A Moral

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Thatlruih is somatamos strangcr than fiction is not dieputed, and it falls to the lot ot x reporter to bc cognizant of rnany stfange and startlins torie. One of theso ehall bo transcribed. It has logt i's local character, and the partios referred to are woll known ia Fhiiadelphia Aboutfivo years ago an enterpming firm w.'ia engagod in a lucrative business on Wator si reet. lts integrity in business was beyond suspicion or cavil. The prbmptuess with which its obligations wito net was the subject of gonrl encomium, and its paper had, in every case, the value of bank notes or of specie. The firm was composed of two members, both of them wealthy. With time their riches grow apaoe, and with cash their kindnoas and infcegrity incrensed. The senior partner resided n a niairniticent west end mansión, surrounded by all the luxuries which monoy could command and taste could ask. - The junior partnor lived with his iatnily in a rural district, upon a srnall farm.- He passed the business hours in his es tablishrneat upon Water street, and n the cool of the evening rested in lus cottage. His chilJren grew up healthy and contented, and all the fireside virtues gamboled about bis foot. In the lupse of time the firm dissolved. Ita purposes hf.d been subserved in the success of its speculations, and thepreseryation of its integrity, and each partner retired to his house to enjoy the profits of his labor. The saddest part of the pieture it now to come, and :'Nature's sterness painter, yet tho best," might delineato with pity the disgraco of one and the happiness f the other. The west end millionaire has forfoitod the respect and fnendship of his ancient partner. "We passod him last evening in a state of bloated intoxication, filtliy with esposure and absolute want. The men with whom he once associated would blush to-day to recognize him. His fortune has been squandered in continued excesses, his farnily is scattered and penniless - and the solo aim of his degraded ambition is to find the wherewithal to pur.-hase drink. The junior partner has not ohanged in circumstance. The home ties have proved stronger with him than the attractions of vice, and he still lives to demónstrate tho advantages of r&tired virtue and contonted competence.