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Healthy Children

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"What makes tho children iu England so healthy and ruddy?" "They are tod on good bread, bannocks and inilk." "Do they not give them any pies, Lot cakes and preserves," said Lizzio. "No, child, exoept on special occasions, and then quite sparingly." "I would not like to live there." "Would you not like to have red cheeks, bright eyes, and health?" ''O, yes! but what havo these to do with cakes, pies and puddings?' "Much overy way," eaid aunty. "Did you not feel a little feverieh yesterday afternoon?" "Yes, roy head ached so bad, and my heart beat so dreadfully, and I was so hot." "So I thought. It was tho poundcake and brandy-peaohes that did the niischiof." ;'But niithor says I am so delicate, that I need something to help me." "Yes, child, you nced much to help you, but not in the way of such delicacies; these only ruake the matter worse." "But I like them so much." "This is becauso you have pampered your appetite. Only try for a week plain, simple food, and you will like it botter. Warm biscuit, mince-pies, doughnuts and hot cofi'ee, would try the digestivo organs of au anaconda. Bo}-s who run in the open air, and play at football and take it roughly, may stand such diet, but girls wilt and waste away under it."- The Gein.