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Cost Of Picking Strawberries

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Tho editor of the Prairie Farmer has been visiting a strawberry plantation in Chicago, of somo eight acres, carried on by George Davis Tho principal berry relied on for a erop was the Albany Wilson, though lie has a number of other vari ties. The following rule adopted for the picking troop is excellent. Tho editor says: "Anxioua to learn soraething about the oost of picking and marketing the fruit, ie askod him how much he paid per quart for picking. I donot pay by tho quart; I hire by the day.' 'How ïnuch do you pay per dny tlien?' 'Well,you see, I 'ave mudo thia harrangement. I pay those that don't uhis tle, two shilliugs per day, and tlioao wlio do whistle I pay throe shilliugs - for, don't you see" - picking up an enormous Wihon - "don't you see, that if they 'ave om of these 'ere in thêir mouth. they can't whist?e? - don't you th? pLilosophy of the thinp-'. '