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Gen. Washington In A Tight Place

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- There is a vary tino equestrianstatuo of Washington in Union Square, IS'ew York city. It was placed there by private subseriptions on tho part o weakhy persons living in that vicinity At the corner of Broadway and th streot, .ives a close fisted miliionaire whotn vvo ehall cali Judge Doety. - Gen. H , who was tho activu man io soliciting tho subs.riptions afjreeaid ealled npon Judge l)oety to put his name down for live hundrod dollars " Fivo hundrcd dollars. Five hundred dollars!-' oxoluiined, the Judge, " why, my dearsir, it's preposterous it won't pay ; of what service to me wil that statue ever bo V' Tlio Genera went into an highly patriutio and ex ceedingly eloquent argument in behal. of the subscription ; but in vain. At last the Judge aroso, after an eloquent eulogiurn on Washington; exclairned " Washiugton ! Washington !' (laying his hand on his breast,) ' 1 have no need oí any statue of Washington, for I itlways havo and ever will carrv tiiE here !" (striking his breast ) "Woli Judge aid tho solicitor of the subscription, 'I have no reason to doubt what you say - only it does seem to me that it' you do carry Washington there you'vo got him in a vury tight place !'