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Lac Varnish For Vines

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-Grape viiies muy be prunod at any penod without danger trotn losa of bleeding, by sirnply overing the cut parta with varnish'rnade by dissolving stick-lack in alcohol. The lao varnisb soon dies, and ionns an impenetrable coat to rain; it may bo also be applied with advantago in oouting the wounda of young trees. RF" Sevoral humorous inciden ta are rclat.ed in connection with tho Chicago noininntion. Oau whioh the AlLany Argus has discovered is as iblloirs : It is said that a prominont State offi eer, in whoin the Gorman element id lnrgcly rcpresented, was passing the American hotel n Baílalo just aíter the news of tho noiniaaíion of Lincoln had buen reoeived, aud observing the exuitemünt that prevailed. stopped to qjuestion Judgo iátovens, of Butialo, ati to its cause, "rilnidge Steíuns," said the ponderous oííiuia), " vat is all this exoitemont npont ?" " Why," replied the Judgo, ■' tho Chicago nomination to bo sure. Havo you not heard that Abraham Lincoln has been nominated for President ?'' "No!" exclaimod tho honorable Putchman, ':ishdat so? Coot ! very coot, iudeed ! AVho vash it you say'?" "Oíd Abraham Lincoln." "Lincoln - Lincoln," repeated Mr. . 'Vel!, now, datis a strong nomination 1 "Shudge Stefení, hovv yon epell that natno ?" "L-i n, lin, co-l-n, coln - Lincoln," expiakicd the Judge. "Ah, yos ! dat is vecht ! L-i n, lin, c o Ín, coln - Lineóla ? Vel!, nou-, dat 3 a very coot tickot. Dut vill run well! Now that can bi olected suro !:' Arxi our Garraari l'riend startod to continue on bis wny down etreet bnt sndoenlj himseif, he turned baok- "Shudge tjtefen?, vare dosh dat manüvo?'' Plain as Day. - Sorne time since, J whi'e in the employ of a - lished mercantilo houso I witnesaed a laughablo incident. Mr. F. the senior partner of the firm, was u groat ■ er. He boasted of hia great businoss iUalificationa - his keen perception, etc. , Bnt above all, the old gentleman ( ed of being a goodand plain penman. Thw none could deny, lor tho reason that none had ever suun asamplo of hia . penmanship; for he never wrote or an ] swpred letters himself. Bnt it one dny happened that Mr. F. receivf:d a mes sage from a neighboring house, that rerequired an iramodiate answer, nnd so busy that he could not ansn'er it in person, he hastily wrote a few Unes, and despatched them, Soon the mesaenger returned and handed Mr. F. a noto. Supposing it to be an answer to his oivn, Mr. F. oponed it; but with alljh s business tack, he could not duuipher tluee words, and handing it toonoof hia partners, ho ramarked with a con ■ temptuous sinile, "Pretty writin?, thal; who the deuce doos he supposu can raad il? If I could nat write aecently, I would nrtt write at all.' ' Keg pardon air,' said the messenger ; 'bnt that is tho reason Mr. A. sent it back - ho could not read it himself.' ' Rcad it ! How tho dsuce does he expect I can read it, then ?' Uut, zr, thatisyour own writing.' 'Eh I what ! JMy wnting?' And Mr. F. 's face ciïiinged color, as ho graspod tho missive from his purtiier'á hand, and again bringingitto th(j light, oxclaiinod, 'VVhy, bless me, so it is ; and juat aa plain as day !' Tuis caused a roar oi laughter among the party present. And from that day, the mercbant-pfmoo was no more board to boast of his exquisite ponmanship. - Nol't by a Clerk. SS" Russell, tho well-kuown con-espondent of the Loudon Times, in speaking of a trip ho late'y took over the new railway throuqh the Arabian Dcsert, says: JJlanclied bonos of camela lie iu dull whiteoess on the sands. Not a bird fans the hot silent air. Stones and saiid, and sand and stones, are all aud evoryvhere stretched out dead and hard under tho blue sky and relentless san. The rail wliich eonveya us through this dosolation h single, 'ihe water aud coal for the eugines are to bc carried by the trains out to the various stations. Óo they are like commisariat animáis in a barren country, whioh have to carry their own foddcr and dimiuisli the publio burthens. Tho statious are helpiess, hot, even-liKe erections, gonerally ekcd out by old Crimean woodüuts, within the simde of which may be seen un uadoubtcd Englishman, smoking bis pips. At tho twclt'th station we coaled; the train euded in tlie desert lierc; but at long intervals for miles in advance we could seo the emcampnients of Arabs, who for the time had beeome navvies, and were engaged in picking, burrowing and blusting through the roeks a -ay fut" the iron horse.