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A. H. Stephens, Of Georgia

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This eminent statesman and pure pntriot roached our city on Sunday afternoon to attend tbe session of the Superior Court yesterday, but whiob, hovvever, was adjourned over unttl tho fifth Mond:;y in Octuber. Mr. Stephens has much improved m health, and our citizens weru gonerally glad to know it, and lo take by the hand one vrho commands so largo a share oí their osteern and admirntion. Mr. Stephens is dscidedly in favor of the election of Douglas and Johnson, but expresaos the faar that our governjnent is on the vergo nf a revolulion. He seea evil, and only ovil, to resnlt from the present anomalous condition of the country, and expressos surprise that the people appear ti be so indifferent to tho rapid progress they are making to a dissolution of the Union and the oountleea evils which will fol low. This is the time for patriotf to speak and act, and for thq poople to be toid of the imminent dungers to wbicb they are cxposcil. We fucl aatisfiecl, at least hopeful, that the times will bring forth eloquonce, genius, and talent to instruct, and tliat the country will bo properly aroused to a fujl approciaUon of tlie diin'rt'rs wliich envjron tho lx;sl form of goverfimont ever devised and formod bv tho wisilom nf man. The présérvatlon of our glorious Union should be the theme o! conver sation in all places, and at all times it fihould engace our warmest sympathie! nnd most devoied efforts. .- - ►- __