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The Hazelton Mortgage

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The $50,000 dcpsitod by McKinney vith Hazolton & Co., and which Gov. Wisner and Jake Howard seeured by a nortgage that don't describe any land, ecame due on the 15th of June. Has .he money been paid? Will sonie reader of the black republican journals teil us? Dertáinly if it had been paid, they would lave blown their trumpets loud and long over it. Tliey have persistently asserted bat the State would not lose a dollar, )ut the money bas been due overa inonth and wo are, therefore, authorized in assuming that it has not been paid, - Whether it is owing to the tightness of he times or something elso, the Hazelon's appear to be indifferent about the matter. The State needs the money bady - The Treasury is hard up - "not the irst red in it. Why don't the Attorney Jeneral at least ilurealen to foreclose the mortgage? That raight scare the Hazelton's iuto payment - an actual foreclosure might not bring the money back boforo 1872. - Marshall Expounder.