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And What Of It?

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Lcvi Bishop, Dan. Muuger, John II. Hormón, "üic Bagg family," P. MoreyC. OFlynn, and a lew other disappoiutcd, disaffected, and sore-headed domocrats hcld a meeting at Bagg's hotel io Detroit, on Tueaday, and callcd it a Bkki'KINridge convention. And what of it? Whv, they adoptcd suvcn preamblcs and ni ne resal utioas appendod thereto, and a resolution or two outsido of the regular series. The preamblcs set fortli the divisions at Charleston, the adjournmout to B.iltimore, the irregular nomination ly a divided convention of two candidatos for President, and two for Vicj President, and their consequent libcity, mik thu gracious pexmisaion of the Presi dent, to vote for whichevar of the democratie candidates they pleased. The resohitions dechre it to bc their first aim to defaat the rcpublican candidates for President and Vice President; that thcy rogret the disruptioa of the deimcracy aud attribute that disruption ti DötJOLA's; that they are in favor of the elcction of Brkckixjudge and Laxe; 'that having been loft ñoc to act, by the course of fchings at Charleston and Baltimore," and by the permission of J. B., as aforesaid, they shall act freely and "go in" for Bkeckinridob and Laxe; that they supported Mr. Breciuxt.idqe for Vico President iu 1856, aud boing satisfied that tho platform on which he now stands "is the sanie as tho democratie platform of 1850," they now cordially support him for tho first office; that it is expedient that a State convention bo held to nominato an electoral ticket aud perfect the organization of the National Democratie party n the State; that a State Committee I).; appointed to cali a State oonvention of tho friends of Brkckinridoe and Laxe; and thatan inmediato organization be recommended in all the couuties of the State. Thus much for the platform series. Anotlier resolution declared iu favor of of the establishment of a campaign paper, looking to whieh tho State Central Comniittcc was instructed to correspond with the Federal office holders iu the State and invite their co-operation; which simply means that eaeh and all of them be assesscd to support the paper and the decaycd politicians who may be appointed to the position of wot nurses. Another resoluüon approvcd the foroign and domestic policy of the adm'mistration of Jamks Buciianax, and still another adjourned tbc Conventiou to meet at tho residence of Gcu. Cass. This is a fair synopsis of what was done, and agaia our question reeurg, "and what of it?" A groater farce was ncver perpetrated, at least on a small scalo. This Breckinridge convention officially declares the irregular nomination of its candidates, declares that they stand on a platform cssentially the platform of 1850, one truth and one falsehood, and yet calis upon demócrata to forsake a regular candidate and go for its candidate on a platform it dare not set forth. Can it be trua that these men desire the defeat of the repablican candidates, and expect to help it by this moveraent? We dont believe either proposition. Thoy desire the defeat of Douqlas, and while aiming to accomplish that by the eleetion of Lincoln - and to run a Breckinridoe ticket in this or any other Northern State can only aid Lincoln, - they choose to place themselves on record aa Breekinridge men, so that in the remote coutingeney of his eleetion they may claim the organizatiou and the offices, and in the nearer con. tingency of the eloction of Lixcoln by their traitorous aid, they may appeal to their republican allies for sympathy and cold victuals. This is what of i t, and all of it, so far as the leaders are concerned, uuless it may be that some of them indulge a hope of getting a petty Post office or some other place for the few remaining months of James Buchanan's administration, Thauk heaven, they are not likcly to delude many voters. OsST " Wo aro neither a prophet nor tho son oí a prophet," but we have just ono prediction to rnnko, and deaire t!mt ourrepublican-Breckinridge frionds sliould make a note of it. And hcre it s. Wo predict that in the event of the Presidential election going to the House, Mr. Breckinriuoe vvill not havo doctoral votes enough to take him into that body as a candidato ; that Mr. Laxe will have no more electoral votes than Mr. BKKOKiNiunt.K and canaot, of coursc, bo a oandidate bofore the Senate; and that neither Breckinridqb nor Lans stands any chance of being the nest Pi-esident of the Unitod States,