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Enthusiastic Meeting At Ypsilanti

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The live domötehicy of Ypèilanii ratified tlio noniinalion oi DouGiuiand Johnson Tuesday eveningi, on which oocasi en Iho denaocracy of our City and vicinity joined wilh them in larga numbera. A spji-ial train was chartLTcd for the occasion and tlio democratie phalanx went down ('uil 000 Btrong. The train was rooeivod at tho depot by tho doinocracy of ïpsilanti, and i brief and pertinent vvelcoimng speech mndu 1y L. D. Noiutis, "Ksq. A procession was Uien formod f rom half :i milo tö a mile in lungth, which parad'öd tho priucipal streeta to tho stand orected for tho accommodation of the (ifFiccrs, speaker?, and musici. Tlio CóncoiTöè va8 addrosscd at length by j lïun.CitAS.E. StüauTjDÍ KaTamazoo; and by JIon.G V. N. LoTiruoi, f Detroit; wlio iere happily introducod by llon. O. Jo?un Tho speakers were lïsteafld to wil!) interest, and received with on tlmsiasm, butaswe woro uompeUcd, by a sovere indisposition to loave the gi'ound, wo oannot ivo a synopsis. It was an enthusiastic rally, and promisos inuch for tho democrats oí our neighboring city. OP In the approprinto placo wil! be foiind tho cal] of the County Oommittee for a Convention to nomínate candichites for County offiecrs. The convention is put down for the 25 th day of August, and with the Coinmitteo we may expresa a hopo that it vrilt bo a full one. Let every Town send up a full delagation, a deleghtlon of faithí'ul demócrata; let a free consultation be bad and a good ticket nominated, and the cunviiss will bo well begun. Tho Committee for thi.s district has also cu'led the Senatorial Convention to ie held on the same day as tho County Convention. pp A. M. Bakbb, Esq., i prominent uilizen of Adrián, and for yenr.s the ncting bueinesa attorney of Iho Michigan Southern Bnilroad, died on tho evening of the 2Oth inst.. of hernorrhago of' the lungs. He was abotit fortythree-years old. t In California u {rand has been perpetrated in the name of justice, by the aequittal of Judge Terrv, chartrod with the murder of Senator BrodebíOR. Such sham judicial procoedings are n disgraco to the State. p Ex-Gov. HoKAZip Sktmolr addressed a Docglas and Johnson ratificatión meeting at Utica, N. Y., on STonduy evening. It was pronouuced tho largest poütical 'r.eeting ever held in that City, and great enth-usiaem prévailed. %3ÊT ín 1850 Mr. BuECKiriiïiDOE, wbereyer ha spoke in the North, denied iho right of Congress to legislate upon the subject of slavery in the territorios. He now runs upon a platform lÜinning it tobe the duty of Congross to pass lavvs for tho protection of slavory in tho territorios. Is that the platform of 1856, or equivalent to it} ? Wc think not. %L" Sewakd ia expected to visit Michigan soon, to attempt to galvanizo tho republican party into life We are not fully infonned as to whether he will advocate the election of Lincoln or follow the Michigan republicans in thcir support of Bueckinuidoe. We shall see. ï In Iliinois the State republican committee has been engaged 'm getting up Q Breckimiídge electoral ticket. In Michigan the republicans are encouraging a similar inove, and the Detroit Advertiser calis upon tho Brkckinbi pok faction to nominale State arul local tickets. Tho Lincoln party soems preparing to go over to Bueckinridof, bodily. in - in ■ VGf Our neighbor of the Local News thiuks that caro should be taken by the coming County convention to nomínate men who are not qualilied in their own ostimation only, but are popular with i the poople. Our neighbor issaid to be a candidato for Register. jL5g" Hon. W. A. Kiciiardson has been nominated for Congress iu the Springfield (111.) district. J52" We had intended to enumérate this week the republican candidates for Clerk, Register, Treasurer, &e., &c, but find the task a little too herculean to attack. It would be just about as easy to jjive the naines of thoso not candidates. SS" In the Journal of Wednesday appeared a comniunication on "rotation in office,'1 which rather favors keeping good officers in their places as long as they live, and only rotating hungry outsiders in wheu death or stepping from oue office to another has created a yacauey. However, it thiuks the clamor for office might be squelched by reducing salaries om-half. The writer evidently had his ideas a little mixed.