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Off Bay Cait, ) Four d3-s bcfore the Eclipse, 6 o'clock P. M. ) Mr. Ed;tor - It U quite uual for those who, yielding theuiselves to the tide of travel eithcr for pkasure or profit, attempt to tako "notes by thc way," to commenoe by statins: that, on such a Jay they set out fro:n home ezperieacing emotions of rogret at parting froin their numeroui frionds, only consoled by the assurance of mutual renard on the port of those tbey left inourninc; the loss of their invalua blo companionahip, and thac a the various 6tagC3 of travel they passed coitnin pkasant towns and vill;ige, lull of evidences of prosperity, that hore and thero they mot wilh fonie unusual kindnessfrom Captain or Conductor nnd here and tbere they did'nt. The weathei' also was propitious, or else they werc quite discomfortad by the du3tand dongs of that rclent'ess individual. But I, Of necessity rarv frnm this rule somewhat, be0 use, in truth, I liad no local habitation with a name to begin with, and thon I set out eomo three or four week bcfore I was ready ; consequently I could not be expeettd to carry out the figures correctly. So I must be content to begin in the mid. dle or any other part of tny journey where eonsciousness firt seizos pon ihe tangible things pertaining to Oily and (o country, the sky above and waves beneath, and select from the chaos of thoughts an agreeable few. I know it is pleasiint for dwollers in towns, and is perbaps duo to them that tho variou3 im provpments which they so zenlously labor for shotild be noted and noticed by thoso who pass by or through their respective places, and it is greatly gratifying to the commercial men of such towns as it answers for advertrsemants and helps them to a name. Yet I am so oxeeedingly perverse that even these consider.itions do not move me from my purpose, besidesin my opinión it is taking away the prerogrativü of theprCBS in a small way - a thing no lady ehould be guilty of. And further, commercial intcrests are able to take care of themselves, and by their own internal firo and force will push themselves surfaccwards, aBsuming the form of Railways, Warehouse, Docks and Depots, Churches, Colleges, and Iron Works, all caloulated to adorn the country, and by the Architecture of eveu tho llanuftc"ories symbolizo the spiritual in our existenco, and its close rclation with the material ; even as the forces of the Earth hav.3 from time to time broken through strong barriers and in their upheaval commotions prod.iced all this beautiful variety of natural scenTy. And if this nature which Í9 but a thing - a mere sj'stemof causes and effect - can by its beauty so charra and soothc the fiO'.il, how much moro ought we to hops for in that realm of powers where spirit is supreme, and into which we ruay enter i f we will. - These are some of my refk-otions as I am passing along with what to me is jriddy speed taking my way towards the neareat Beaport town, or rather Lakeport, weak in body and waker in mind, with five shillings in purse and a slight Buperstilious Bensc vhat I have set out on Friday. But I must get along with my letter to correspond with rayother movements, and must aay that now I am passing down the Lake, with acaree a disturbing breath on the wave and a similar calmor moreproperly stagnation of my thoughts, Yet I cani ot help being amused by the ssociationswhich the name of certain places on the opposite shoro cali up. One reminds me of a kind of soap with which I have been familiar from a child, another has the same name of a certiin article of food made by dividiug a biscuit and placing in tho midst a bit of boiled ham. Whether the towns were named from these articles of cleanliness and diet r vioe Tersa I shall not inquiro; I must think however that there is "something in a name." But the night ihadows are already on the wavo, and with noiseless wing? will rise and riüe till they enshroud the sky and loave the world to "darkness and to me.' Yours at Mast head, SUSAN FLAGSTAFF.