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Democratic County Convention

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A ],„oon.tic Ooaoty Uonvenuon n w CounfV of Washtenaw, will be held at the Oourtffous. iotlw City of Ana Arbor, on &lT0KIAr,the3óth dsy of Auoust next, at 10 ,.-.Iock A. M , for the purpose of nominating candidntes to be supported by the dmo cratic" party of said C.mnty, tor Judge o, rrobato, Sheriff, County Clerk, Register of Doeds, Prosecuting Attorney, Cuiinty Trrasi;rer, Circuit "Court pommiwtenCT mul two Ooroners. Tho several cities and TowMWill boenti tled to delégales ia said Cimnly C.Mivention as follow: Ann Arbor City, 11 PitUfielil, do do Tówn, 5 Bftlem, AiigiiPta, 3 Saline, Kriügewattr, 4 Scio, I Dexetr, 3 Slinron, : Freedoui, 4 Superior, 4 Lima, 3 Sylvan, A Lodi. 4 ■Wi-bstcr, Lyndon, 2 York, ' Manchester, 5 Ypsilnnti City, f liorthfiold, 4 do TOWÖ, 3 The democratie electora of tho Coun y are carnestly requeeted to meet at tlnnr respoc tive places of holding their primar; meetings on the Saturday previous, and elect full de!egations to the Couuty Convention, aud those that will attend, and at the samo time elect delegates tothe Senatorial and Represeutativt Convent ions. It has been suggeslrd that the Senatoria ond Representativo Conventions meet at Ann Arbor on the same day, so that the County, Senatorial and Representativo nominotione inay all be mide and the ticket placed before the elector at onco and the Bime time, for the better organization of the party. O. HAWKIN;3, Chn. Co. Com. S B. McCracken, Sec. Ann Arbor, July 25, 1PG0. Senatorial Convention, 7th District. The Pemocrat c delega t es frora the several Townahipfl romprising the 7th Senatorial district are reqii'-1fl u meet in conventioa, at ihe Court House in the ('ilv of Ann Arboi-, on Smturdnj August 25th, at 2 o'clock 1'." M. , to nomínate a cnnilidato for ifenator. Eacli Township ■wül spnd the lamo number of delégales as to the County Conveotion. P. W1NF.GAB. 1'. C, MI'HKAY, M. J. BPINCKR. Fenaterial Pistric Comniittee. Ann Arbor, July 20, 1860.