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Texas News--Great Excitement In The Discovery Of An Abolition Plot

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New Orleaus, ,1 uly 25. Throo aboütiouist.s won; c-auglit in Washington c-onnly, Texus, and orderod to leiivt' Úw Statu. The Juss by the recent Ëres in the n comities of Toxas exceed $700,000, barely twured. SKCOXI) DIÍPATCU. S. Louis, Jnly '25. An extra IVom the Boaham (Texas) Era office, ot' the 17th, rocoived to-night by the Qverlaud mail, eoutain a letter tïom Charlea U. Prii-i1, editor of the Dallas Jlerald, st ut ing that. the five at that place on the 8th, led to the discuvery o a diabólica] plan to devástate the whole of Northern Texas, White men, friends of' the abalitionist preachers, Blunt anc McKiiiuey, who were expelled from tho country laat year, are the iuiigators o; the plot. The plan was to lay the whole country waste by fire, destroying all anus aninuinition, cto , - to get the country in a state of helplessncss, and tkon, on election da_y, in August, make a general in surrection, aided by emisaaries from the Nbrth, and partieS fricndly to the cause in Texas. Tlicir sphere of opera tiona are districted and sub-districted, each división beiug onder the supervisión of white men, who coutrolled tho uegroes as subordínate. Scveral white nieu and negroes have been arrestad. The following fires, reported to have occurnd the same day Dallas was destroyed, are attributed to the same cause: The large mercantile houso of Black Jack Grove; loss $30,000. Th ree business houses at Dentón, loss $100,000. - Large store-house at Plot Point, loss 810,000. 8tore-house at Ladonia, loss 825,000. Eight stores at Belknap, loss not giveu. Millford, Elüs county, totally destroyed, and several other smaller lires. Great excitenient oxists throughïöt the country. Prompt and eiFective measures are being taken for the preseratiou of lile and property.