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Douglas Meetings

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fepringfiöld, III , July 25. Th o Douglas and Johnson ratification meeting held here to day, was undoubtedly tlie lurgest dcinonstration of the kind over held in Illinois. It is cstimuted tb at 40,000 people were in uttcudanee. The meeting was held in Edwards' Grove, and was addressed tgrHon. W. A. Riohardson, John A. Logan, Jas. C. Allen, and uther promnent Demócrata frorn the adjoining States. To-night a meeting is being leid ut the Democratie head quarters. Theenthusiasm of the poople is nnparalleled. Troy, July 25. Judge Douglas arrived here from Saratoga at seven thirty this evening. He was reeeived at the depot by an inmenso concourse of citizans, one or :wo military coinpaníee, and a company of Little Giants frorn Albany. The iroeession formed and marched to the Proy Heuse, where Mr. Douglas was welcomed by the mayor. In replv, Mr. Douglas mado a political speech, defending non inturvonf.on as the true principie, and appealing for the suport of all who are ojjposed to aboliionism and disunion. He spoke thirtyive minutes. The speech was listened o by about five thousand people. The reception is considered to have Deen a great success.