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How New York Will Go

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-The bany Atlas andArgus, in a late issue, under the head of 'New York for Douglas,' ays: "We believe the electoral vote will be cast for Stephen A. Douglas: All the igns of the times indícate such a result. Tuere never was any doubt in regard to he preference of the democratie manes of the State for the Illinois Senator; nor was it at any time doubted tliat 'New Yorkcould be carried for hini in the presidential contest. This was the calculation of democrats even wlien the strong name of Wm. H. Seward was in the ñeld agamst thera. The withdrawal of that name ,has subtracted from tho republican strength many tens of thoueands "Our friends in New York city, and along the river, promise to send up the electoral ticket to Albany with fifty thousand majority; and this without counting Albany, Rensselear and the interior countics, many of whieh will roll up largo majorities for the Little Giant. # # "We have not rushed preciptately to this conclusión of a democratie victory in this State. We have not assumed it rashly. We start with a democratie majority, as shown in tho last election. We can oeu it accessions to the party by tens of tho isands. We meet an enemy demoralized by chango of leaders, and by inherent división and distrust." J52L The Montgoraory Confederation says : " Gov. Letcher has come out for Dougke. Virginia juay nsw be put down b cortaiu for hini. Moffit and Yost, of Virginia, who reproscnteil in the Baltimoro convention the Tenth Legión districf, which gives from saven to eight thousand Democratie inajority, are now battling bravely for Douglns and Johnson. Ve are "also informed that Messis. Hoge, Davis and Harman have comrnenced the good work. All these gentlemen represent the largo democratie vote of Virginia, and aided by John Leteher, H. L. Hopkins, Tirn. Bives, and other men of the highest prominence, are bound to oarry the Old Dominion for Douglas and Johnson." LC The people are wild for Douglas in Louisiana Hon. Mr. Soule, Major Herrón, ex-Governor Wickliffe, and other leadiug men of that Statu intend taking tho stump for Douglas and Jolinsou iimiiediately. The Hon. Miles Taylor and"Edward Bouligny, members 'of Congres, have declared for Douglas and Johnson. Louisiana will undoubtedlv give a large majority for Douglas.