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GllENVILLE & FüLLER, HAVINX3 ASaOCMTBajlhetMolTW tor bbe [torpea ol rifaliiiL in the varftnui articlei n the Drug trftde, offer for sal a full asaoi Imeiil of Pure and Gemüne Medicines, Vim, S-)'.o aii'l téttm Paper, Ijiqnoi1, ko., Fam'j Aitirle. Perfumar, FUroring KïtracU, Combs, Vabt-r's Pcocüv, QrusHes, Arnold's Inks. Elair Oy#a, Popular Palcul Medicines, Tjiyiif ;' , A'Imih.i' I,i vir Bn Imiii, AyeiV, Hofttittter'fl BitK i ï, Bollowajit, Hooflond'n (.crinan Bitters Browñ'a ÜVocIk. TownaencU and Bryant'a l'.i!nim:uv Ralmiin, Gujiwtt's arsnprüln. PA1KÏS, O1L!S, GJASS, &c, Ac. Einc, VarnïflTics, 'ati-nl Dryer, Hibernia Greeo, iuriiin fhiiil, (';nn;i}iine, nideiM Klaid Kxti-.icfi,Su{íar Coated Pilis, ui-1 Granule. N. B. PfMfript'ona compcrandad wit h neatDu anö 'i.patch hy experieuccd perrons. G, GREYVILLE, JOHN T FULLER - ___ 7.t Scrofula, or King's Evil, ís a constitutional discasc, a corruption of the blood, by which this fluid becomes vitiated, weak, and poor. Being in the circulation, it pervades the "vvhole body, and may burst out in disease on any part of it. No organ is free from its attacks, nor is there one which it may not destroy. The scrofulous taint is variously caused by mercurial disease, low living, disordered or unhealthy food, impure air, filth and filthy liabits, the depressing viees, and, above all, by the venereal infection. ÁVhatever be its origin, it is liereditary in the constitution, descending " from parents to children unto the third and fourth generation ; " indeed, it seems to be the rod of Him who says, " I ■will visit the iniquities of the fathers upon their children." lts effects commence by deposition from the blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in tlie lungs, liver, and infernal organs, is termcd tubercles ; in the glands, swellings ; and on the gurface, ernptions or sores. This foul corruption, which genden in the blood, depresses the energics of life, so that scrofulous constitutions not only suffer from scrofulous complaints, but they have far less power to ■vithstand the attacks of other discases; consequently vast numbers pcrisl. by disorders which, althougli not scrofulous in their nature, are still rendcred fatal by this taint in the systcm. Most of the consumption which decimatcs the human family has its origin directly in this scrofulous contamination ; and many destructive diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain, and, indeed, of all the organs, arise from or are aggravated by the same cause. One quarter of all our pcople are scrofulous ; their persons are invadcd by this lurking infection, and their health is undermined by it. To cleanse it from the system we must renovate ' the blood by an alterativo medicine, and invigorate it by hcalthy food and exercise, Such a medicine we supply iii -, -ss si AYER'S Coinpound E.tract of SarsaparilW the most effectual remedy which tlie medical 6kül of our times can devise for this J where prevailing and fatal malady. It is 1 bincd from the most active remediáis that have been discovrred for the expurgation of this foul ] disorder from the blood, and the rescue of the System from its destructive consequences. Ilence it should bc employed for the cure of not only Scrofuln, but nlso thosc other tions "vhich arise from it, euch as Ekuptivb and Skim Disearf.s, St. Anthony' Fuií, Rosh, or Erysivelas, Pimples, Postules, Blotches, Blains and Boii.s, Tumors, Tetteu and Sai.t Riikcx, Scai.d Head, Binqwosk, Rhkumatium, Rvrim.rnc jíasks, Diiopsy, DY8PEPSIA, Deiiilitt, and, indeed, ai.i. Comi'I.aixts ahisixo fbom ted on Impuee IJi.ooji. The popular belief in "impurily of the blood" is founded in truth, for scrofula is a degeiicration of the blood. The particular purpose and virtue of this Sarsaparilla is to jiurify and regenérate this vital fluid, without wliich sound health is impossible in contaminated constitutions. AYEE'S Ague Onre, FOR THE 8PEEDY CURE OF intcrniUtení, Pever, or Fcver and Ague( Remltteut Kever, Chili Fever, Diiinl) Ague, Periocilcal IIcadarHo, or Bilious 1 1 julin lic, and Bilious Peveri, indeed for the whoie t-Inst of dlscasea ■ nating In toiUnry derongementy causecl by tlio Malaria of Miasmatic Couutrles. We are enablcd hero to offer the community a remody , which, while it cures the above romplaints with , tainty, is still perffi'tly tuurmlen In any quantity. Such i a remedy is invatnahle in tlistriets where thewe afflictiug I disorders prevail. Tbis "Cure" expela the miasmatic poisoa of Fever and Ague from the system, and preveuta the development of tho discaeo, if taken on the first iipproach of its p.roinonitory symptoma. It is not only tho best remetly ever yet discovered for this ctoss of complaints, but nlso tho chpapest. The Inrgo quantity we supply for a dollar brings it within the reach of every body ; anti in bilious distrirts, where Fever and Aguje prevailfl, every body should havo it and ubo it freely both for cure and protection. It is hopcd this price will place ifc within the reach of all - the poot1 as veil as tho rich. A great enperiority of this remedy over ny other ever discovered for the speedy and certain cure of Intermlttents is, that It cuntains no Quiuine or mineral, consequently it produces no qmnisin or other injurioua effects whatevor npon the cunstitution. Thofce cured by it are left as heiilthy as if they hatj never had tb e disonse. Föver and Ague is not alone the conspfjuenco of tho miaatnaüc poison. A great varicty of diaortiers ariao from lts irritation, atnong which are Neuralgia, Mteumattsm, Gout, Headuche,) Mindness, Toothacht, Earache, Catarrh, Asthma, Palpüution, Painfid Affection of the Spleen, Hysterics, Pain in the liowds, CUic, Paraltsis, and Derangement of the fitomach, all of which, when originatIng in tbis causo, put on the intermitltnt type, or become periodical. ïbia " Cure " eipels the poison from tho blood, and consequcntly cures tlirtn all aiike. It is an i Invaluable protectiou to immigrants and persons ling or temporarily residing in the malarious ditítriets. U taken occasionally or duily while exposed to the infectlon, that will be escreted from tho system, and cannot accumulato in suOicient quantity to ripen Into diseaso. Henee it is even more valuablo for protection than cure, an few will ever suffer from Intermittents if they avail thompelves of the protection thia remedy affords. Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., LOWRT.Tj, MASS. MAYNARD STüiiUiAS ,t W18ON",ond by all Druggists and Dealers evurywliore. J. BIUIRILL, ïmveling Agent. REMOVAL! iT. XI -A. 3XT Gr STER HP&JEl I IA31-)U A SHORT mit: UK.lü KB INTO Wm.ALLABYS SIIOE STORE, un til ho oaa go bdi intu Mi Mm i;ui m vbich ln ia now building, and wmilu Ito happy to lee hía old N B Ice Crmmfcy tlie Gallon can bei upplied topur liei :U :i slim I ihi ice. .T. HA.VOTEKliK. Ann Aiboi, Marcli 12, 1860. Ayer's Cathartic Pilis, ' perlnj 9fc roachic preparatlon oflRON pnriafid n ".u;nandarl,nnby cnmbut,,,, „,,.,, -,,lc ro and ti.o I ,m] Btat.,m,a prescfitfeU „ Uu-ir praenexpieMof IJHrtHWT.di.dalIyproTe ü „t no ,,r,pttonf ron can oe compared wüb . i,,,,M,riU of O 1..0...1. J.., ;n,, , „r vital enfrgy, palé and oUfc mapInfaMu ndlcates It „,,,,,,,,iv i,, , ,„o„t nvoiy conwUaMe -asn. lnnoxlous u all rnalarlfc n wliicl, It has beon trio,! bwprovB4alwolutelyoBratir.tae.cli .,r fio f0noS complamtn, vi: ■■ wv'.w ?,!"? Sfe!!vons Wlan. Bmallten 'y-ixpsin, loi,s(.nu,,.i, Dl&rrlio-n Dymnfe jT, I.iil].Win Consumptlon, Scroriil.íi, Tu C In,,,,,,,, l,,r,r C„m,,l„h,„, Ckrmic II „d„cMs Hh n -'. hutormOteu Ferm, l'impícon the. Face kc aUea,orol ílw contlnucd rllminution of unos an.l ■y.' ■-!■ Mnrnrfromchroniccomplaluta, ow rW o 'I'V'1"','"-": h Preved .ncMMi.ul fu an wnl ';"'■■' dOBCripttonnorwritten attestattoo „ouM ren , ■ --i-l-í.lp go long bedrldcko a to hv. !--.-a,r torgottea In x-irowo neigliboi t havosm! íi, TPdtathebu, „-,„■1,1 „s,,,;t .,;"... fn.M, ,,r,,f,.t,.,i tmrel na diatant land. S c n-ry sfe nul tuteDOM of ib ki,,.i a,, „,, ,...,,„,„,. rrnl:l,,. nrf waciatcd victlidií f npparent maraíraus Baniuineoii NihaustioD, c-m.-a! cfcaogw, and ttóit' coraplS . whicb the physfcian h.,s „„ mme In N'ERVOL-1 AfTBCIIOKS of all kiñ-1-, ,i,i, fot WaMlM fa ;"l""1.ll'';ll!"'"l m.n, Ihc operalion of ti,, prepar. 1 '"'"■"" mastneearilj. ;, h ,!:,rv. c.,,-. ti,,W'towrtaafmgjan.lgcntly rígularlj apetíw?, evon tl.o most obatinata canes of co timan, witbuul even beint ■, 18tficfurgatire,r inBicttog a direeabl seds.tion InstaitiT propcrty,aiBouSother, whtoli malíes i: d om-, ■!),,,,,,, ,, , permanent a r-,,,.-1v !„,- te ïlnT..Tl„ïi 'Val3 " urtadiatinct a,vl po tlicí., " 'PersiDü the locai tondeocj hicb i,,,,,,.. In I)vs.-:iv, ,., ii,,,,,m.ra,:0 ns aro its causes, a ingW box ur these i halv',Mtt. Hila have often miI1i,-,., i,,, mÍ." hi''"l;'1 -s, includingili,. atteuddot Qntin In nncheckml Pi.irr,,,. cíon lien a,lvanr,.,l lo ,,„„ i .ir"1, "'!'K' '"""'■"'"'í.- and apnarently ojalignant, tiie e ,■,.( haring bwn eoualU dtcisiveanti teniUig ■ theleoal ,,;.!„ --.l,, „f ,1(..i,.,,, lstn-n .,r,h,,!l.hilit„li,ï,; coogh an,l ,,m,l l,ed,, „,,,.1, gelemUy indícate incipieut Coiisumption, ,„ ,,,.;,, mrj gntíimc a,,,l ta1,1 ScofuJoiis Tlihcrcuolsis. fliis tali(t Imn ha ia,i far more Oían thegood eSfctn .,f the njl cautlou 'i balanoccl praparationn (,( odine, rtthut any of eir wL-11 kiidwn IwbUitiea. The attontion of fcnjaJensinnot bctOM,..,nli.l. -nllv nvlteJ tu 11, s remcdtj ;.ni reeíoraííce in lbo cacea noculiarlv affecting theai In Wummatitm, hathctnonia and Inflammatorj- in ihr latter, hmvever, more decidsdly - H baa heen i,,. well reported, both as allcviating pain and reduci, 8veIlinKsaBd stifltieaaaf the oints an,l musoclí. ],i Intermitunl Fevcrs i „ni-l nec saaríly uea sroat i. ■;,, edy and envrgettc reatorative, and itn progrese In (I m settlei ti of tb West, ,ii probably be' onc of high reUOWD aud íisofulü'ss. Kn ro,m-,lv tías evet sean liscovered m llio wholf hlsti) ry of meüdne, wl,,-h exorts sur!, prompt, nappv, and tully reatoratire enecta. Good appetit, cnmpteU djgeatlob, npid anqnMtlon oí stwngth, with an „i,, diposition for active and cheerful exorcizo, imiBed!atelT follow ifs uo. Pui up in noal llatmntal hnxos rontniuing r"0 pfll, price 50 ceut por box; for salo by druggnrt and dealera. Will 1a' sujit free t, any ad,ln-s.-i on receipi of thc priw411 letters, order, ek-., ahonW headdreased lo B. B. LOCKK.SrCo . 8euel Agenta, 4T7yl 339 Diva.lw., v. N. Y. A NeTBRIVAL -ofBoots a,ixc3L Slxocs Ofa.ll descrfptioni, and wil11 e Sf O X d O H E Ík. X3 33 Tí 77Í.4ÍV C4.V 2ífí BOUGH'J I Thifi City. aIko a largo assortmont o Of all kinds made In the met Fashionable 8 1 y 1 e ■ UT GO0P AXD EATEEIENCED WOKKMEN, -OXTXlFRENCH CALF BOOTS iire NOT suHrAWFn Miitj siilo of N'imv York Cilj, an.l re vnrraated oot to kip. Oor 8TOGASAND K I P St, aro marie of thfl bul milori:il.s Oaf stoclí of Moroceo lïootecs Por L&diefl Is the tbe best in teWBj irHh boeta or irithoul We HInke to Oittrr, aadperr mits of Süitotü tlio llrst Hm1 po jfivp hríi cali nn1 wp will kIiow yon n fi-oe ufcliiirud Vt:h:nc scure'l the sci ri.-.-s of two Ex porienced JournpynT'n wbo do oarmendiiiff in ilipNcat et BUnner, and on shortesi potioe. Our mott is Quick Sales and Smal! Frofits. Thankful 'or past fa vors we hope bpaying t-:trict atte'itinnto uur butnMSto uieiiL a librai Bhsre of jour pairooag9 for thn hiinro. jB.S" Kunieiui'fr nvv not to bf ninlcrsolil. - MOORE & LOOMIS Ann Arbor Marblo Works. W. F. Spalding, & Co,, r_T AVK oji han ti i íine atiáorlment of American itnd I TA L I A N MA 1 B L E wliïcli they at pwparcd to mánuíactur jnto M0NUMENI8, UEAD STONES, TOMR, TAB IK TOF ft Ac, Ac, Ac., tii, in all their nrietlea, and in ■ UÖUKMANIIKl: inaiiuor. Havins liail conatderablo [i-iiotir-e in the businesu ther flatiar thenuelves tbat the will bfl aW tO pfc?ae all who may favor tliew wtth Utf iroxtterp. h t ■■ L OW AS T II E L O W E S T, Choaa iriabbag nny tliing in tb'ïir !ne ure rwpectfaïly iu-itcl In cali i'. 7. SrALDING, o. '■ Arbor. Aua. 12, 1S59. "07 y SIL VER PLATING. 1U1E BÜBSCRIBKR is no.w préparé, toié r.11 feiofla of Stlêtrf, 1' oltneitbor od Copper, Ilias.-., or Germas, sii vrr, al n to replete 8P W 's, FOiiKS, TRAYS, CASTEES, BÜTTEH KNIVES &c On I lm 11 ie hii hv.i imilla, l'i i' ] "i'iiuu;ili!e. i 'lerun lc lrfl, en In-r ;it i Ki reüi4uce of tl ir Smbtcriber, (One doornorth of the Old Academy,) oi a1 Wood1 1; tl b Bpcrya Bai oioeter Facto rj VU M. HA VIS. Ann Albor. .lime 14 tb, 1860. ïfiLlt IVASHTENAW COÜÏ CLKitK'tï Orrv b, Juno 20th,180; J NOHfl I ■ bd, to the l.wn.-hii ricvi.eountj i th it copien i tbc Ri port oi u per in ten deui of ['u'blic Intructton for year 1850, have brtti receivedat tbii oflce;, and are r-M'i ft áftribution. Townahip eerk wiïl pwnn oatl an obtAtti th same, ti be diBtributed to b 'i"1 l dl trietsin the aeveral townshlpo, ROBE11T .1 lïAliKVHUBBARD'S PATENT IIAKVE8TEH! LOOMIS & TRIPP I Qg .1 lin lul', 1 ■' t ! t ( ■ w ),:■ 1 l.i'fi.ip pir, i ha hng . 9í m i ■ they u e tin Be ■' ín o . i i ArUïr, May 28,1 0 8w748