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_$Ubíiuíí B@tre rtorq . 1. O. O. F. ___ASHTEKAW LOPGE No 9, of the Indopen. lont n yy o.or of Oád FeDów meets :it theír Lodge Ruom, C-iaa eveuing, at Ö í o'clock. 'Tir)p. WIU=ON, N.G. r. BORO, -J""tWÏTCHËLL Ac OLAEK. TTORXEYSanlConnS-llor5 nt I.:nv, Geral Life nd A l.-7c Insurance ageut.. Office in City HaJI Bleek ""dremitted.'and .pedal itte-tton f "' VSjamês" b7 gott, T AW OFFICE, No. 2, over Bll-IW & Ueei's Store. L ____ ■ SCOTT & TOBEY. 4 hbrotti'E k Piiotoorph Artists, in the rooms A formorlyoccuPcdbyCirdW,ov,Mthc store of Sperry 1: Moore Purioc. t autisfaction guaranteed. L. D. GODFREY, ATtokxkv asi Coükskixor at I.sw, Aon Aruor cilv. Office North-EastCorner of lue Court House. " SUTHEKLÁND ft BELL, Wholesai.b kemii . M. w. fint de of Mi .tree! Ann Albor, y FrorBimiB bought and oM - . , yfW, STKONG, Tveaikr in Diy Goods, Boots andShocs, Groceries, Pon ) nets.I'ancy Goods, Sc. Exchange Hlock, Ann Albor. ' VISES & ENIQHT. Du un in Staple, Fancy Dry Goods, Boots and BhOM, te, 4c. , Main Street Ann Arbor. MARTIN & THOMPSON. TICRNrn'HE Ware-Rooms, Dialer in all kinds of Kurniture, V &c. New lilock, llaui Street. eisdöY&ïlYndër"son, DEALERS in Hardware, Stuve, house fornlshinggoodl, ïin Wmre fcc. fcc. , New Blook, Main Street. -"a7p7 MILLS, Duin in Staple Dry fioods, Snesriea, Boot and HbOM and litady Made Clothing, lluronStreet Ann tlm '. ■ JOHN W. MAYNARD, D kaler ín Staple Fancy DryQoods, Boot a and ShoeB, &c. &c. , Main Street, Ann Arbor. HBËAKEci & AEEL, ATTOBXETÜ & COGKSKLLOKBI AT IAT, aild SoïicitorS tn Chansery. 0L&ce in the old Post Office building, Ann Arbor KINGSLEY & AÍOIIGAÑ ArrORNEY?t Counseïlors, Soliciiore, anü Notaries Public, hare üooks and Plats sliowing titles of alt lands In the jounty, and afend to conveyancingand collecting iemands, and to paying taxes and school interest in auy jiart of the tate. Uüico eastsie of the Square, Ann Arbor. JAMES R. COOK, Jcsnnc of the Pkace. OfQce near the DcDot, Ypsilanti , Michigan. LOVSJOY, M. J.j PHYSICIAN & Sl'RGEOJï, has pormanently located in the City of Abo Arbor, and holds himself in readinpss to attend to all cali in the line of his profession. Residence unXorthSt., 1 house east of CatholicChurch. Wm. lewittTïl d., PHTSiaAK k Scroeox. O(Ticr at his residence, North iide of Huron street, and 2d house West of División street, Ann ArhoK O. COLLIEE," MAKCTACTüRKHaDd dealer in Boots and Shoox. Exchange Block , 2 door Sonfh of Maynard, ïitebbins & Wilson's Store, Ann Arbor, Mich. MOORE & LOOMLS. " MiKüFACTUREFg ani Jcaïer in Boots aud Shoep,Main st, one door north of J. W. Maynard's. Wm. S. SAUNDÉRS Bealer in Boots, Phoep, and Rubbers. Ann Arbor Cash Boot & f?hoe Btore, south side of Public Square. M. GÜITERMAN& CO,, Wholesale and Rftail dealers and manufacturers of Ready Made Clothing, Importers of Cloths, Cassimeres, Ooekins, kc. Xo. 5, New Block, Ann Arbor. 0. B. PORTER, flpv9k SCRGBON DentIST. Office cnrner of Main Mumt-11' Huron streets, over P. Bach'a store, tPW Ann Arbor, Michigan. Wm. WAGNER, Diuleb in Ready Made Clotbing Cloths, Casslmeres and Vesting, Hats,CapH,Trunks, ('arpet Bags, 4c. Main t. , Ann Arbor. M. CAMPION, MïRcaiST Tatloe and dealer in Ready Made Clothing. No 41, VhoenU Block, Ann Arbor. BACH& PIERSON. DBiLHlM in Dry Goods, Grocerie, Hardware, Boots & bhoes, kc. , Main street, Ann Arbor. 'MAYNARD, S1EBBINS & CO Díiíof l"Tr ï0' Gr0Mri'. Ds & Medicines, f h o , aoes,&c, corner of Main and Ann streets jUBt Delw the Exchange, Ann Arbor. EBERBAÜH. &ÖÜ "" TAïilers in Drugs and Medicines, Perfumery, Toilet arti -Lcles, & few doors south of the Franklin House Ann Arbor. SLAWSON & GEER, GR0CEB3, Provisión k Commission Merchants, and dea Iers in Water Lime, one door Eastof Cook's Hotel. C. BLISS, Dïalek in Clocks, Watchas, Jewclry. and Fancy Goods, at the eign of tlie Big Wateh, No. 27, Phcenix Block. J. O. WATTS. DïilER In Clocks, Watches, Jcwelry andSürer Ware No 22, New lilook, Ann Arbor. T. B. ï'REEMAN. BABBSR and Fashionable Haír Dresser, Main Street, ' Ann Arbor, Mich. Hair Fronts and Curls kept ooetantly on hand. SOHOFF & MILLEE. Tkalem inlliecellaneous, School, and Blank Books Sta if tionery, Paper Hangings, &c, Main Street Ann D. DrFOEEST. XTholesale and Retail Dealerin Lumber, Lath, Shin " gbs, Sasli, Doors, Blinds, Water Lime, Grand Kiver rlarter, l'laster Paris, and NTails of all sizes. A full sd perfect aiortmeut of the above, and all other anda of building mataríais constantly on hand at the lowest posaible rates, on Detroit Street, a few rods from 5 Ri'riad AIbo operating extensively iu the Patent Cement Roofing. W4SHTBNAÏÏ COUNTÏ B1BLËSOCIETY. " DB-osrrORT of Bibles and Testamenta at the Society pnces at W. C. Voorheis'. CHAPÍN, WOOD & CO., SUCCKSSOns TO IjTT3Nrii, OZZü.FIIircfc Co MANUFACTUKERSOF Trii3.t, Book, - ANDCOLORED MEDIUMS, ANN AUUOU MICH. O. t, PORTER D K N T 1 H T OFFICE corne of Mrain & Hurnnstreets, opposite the Franklin House, Ann Arbor, where he continies to ffer his customers any style of work deeired in the art Stirgical Mechanical & Denistry, wÏÏh fu?4 w erystal gold foi] and iponge gold, nnot fail to plMW. Wh.,le' oï páítTa Eset „n fíi jlate.gilver piale, contlnuous gum Pwórk .g AJsoLntwJnd improved metho ' Hll "t u tb. ,,!,( ruft and ptt. pSffïÜJSa