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Lincoln's Picture

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Wntton in helinlf of sevral ltiag Repulí licaus, nnd respccU'ully subinittcd to tlie party. by (ron, jn. Teil lis of li is fight with Douglas - How hip spirit rever quails; Teil us of bis munly hearing, Of his skill in splitting raiU, Teil ur hc's a second Webstor, Or, if botter, Htnry Clay; Tlint lie's fuli of Rctiial humor - rino'd us a Summor's daj'; Culi hiin Abe, or cali liim Abram - Abraham - "t is all the same; Abo will smell as sweet as either, We doD't care about the name. Say he's cnpable and honest, Loves his country'a good alone; Never drank a drop of whisky - Wouldn t know it frum a stone. Toll again about the cord-wood , Seveu cords or more per day; How eaoh night he seeks his closet , Tlu-re, alono, to kucel and pray. Teil us he resemblos Jackson, Save he wears a larger boof, And is broador croís the shnuldvrs, And taller by a foot. Any lie you teil we'll swallow - Swallow any kind of mixture; But, oh! don't, v.0 bog and pray you - Don't, forGod's sake, show his picture!