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Rainy Days

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''luto oach life somo rain must fall.' Sunshiuü is very beautiful, aud all young hearts revel in it; but it is never so lovely as when it wraps the earth in a robe of light, after a period of storms, It ia not natural for youth, vvith íta bright hopos and ardent energy, to rejoiec in the day whieh is eurtaiuod by a lcaden sky, and fringed by the drippiug rain. Yet I would picad for a rainy day. It brings with it quite home-pleasures which should endear it to tbose whose ohosen places is by the lireside. It gives space, for thought and refleetion - for looking inward upon our own hearts, which cannot be enjoyed when the flashing light, the sapphire sky, and all the golden glory of a sunny day are dissipating thought, and wooing us to enter the great world without. It brings the members of a family closer together, and unites them by a stronger tic. The little daughter of a fashionable mother once said to me, ou a dark and lowering day: "I do hope it will rain fast this afternoon." "Why?" "Because, if it raius, mothor will stay at home with us, and I can got, her to dress my dolí." Music nevcr sounds more sweetly than when between eaoh dying chord, tlie low patter of tho rain upon the roof comes in for an aocompaniuient. What is more musical than the rain itself? How it dashes over your head, and drtfts you along to dreamland, when at night ita oountless performers tata up the songs of the stars! How it taps at your window, calling you to earnest effort in the morning! How sweet the ripple of melody which it stirs in the brook, when the drops froni above meet and shake hands with drops are sleeping below! How soft the lullaby with which it ñtlls inte the upturned chalico of the thirsty flowers.


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