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A Yes Or No

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-A simple "yes," or an emphatic "no, may cost you a fortune - may cost you a troop of friends- may cost you a political promotion - raay cost you yonr character - may cost you your soul. How many a public man has liad his whole career decided by his courso iu some trying emergoncy, or on some groat question of' right. He is led up into the mouut of temptation, where some gigantic iniquity bids him bow down and worship it, and promisod, in return, "all the vrorld and the glory thereofV' From that moment of trial lie comes down a hero or a fooi. The die is cast. If he has honored justico and truth, then justico and truth will honor him; if not, his bones will be left blcaching on the road to a promotion he can never reach. - Cuy Ier.