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The Wheel Of Fortune

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-Oiily twouty ycars ago last November, Louis Napoleon(tho present p]raperorof Franco) left the St Obarlet Hotel without paying his board bill. In the New Orleans Boe of November 20, 1839, appeared the following account of the "noble Count's" departure from that citp. Count Louis Napoleon Bonapare,whose arrival in this city was announeed in several of the papers, has left New Orleans in High dudgeon, and for just reasons. - He was yesterday morning iuformed by the proprietors of the St. Charles Hotel that it was customary for gentlemen traveling without baggage (the Count was splendidly provided in that way for a man of his titular dimensions) to pay for their board in advance. whereupon the following dialogue transpired: Count - My name is suffieient guarantee for my bill. Publican - Your name, Oount, is a very good name, but wou't buy marketing. Oount - Makc out my bill. Publican - It ehall be done. "The clerk thereupon preseuted the bill,made outto the of Couut L. N. Bonaparte. "My name," said the Count, "is Louis Napoleon Bonaparte - I wish it so stated in full in the account. "A second bill was made out, and the entire namo written out in fair legible letters. "My name is Oount Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, Prince of Segoria, Kamschatka, and other indepondencies, say so on the bill," responded the sprig of nobilty. "1 will not make out a third bill," said the clerk. "Then I'U be d- d if I pay it!" said His Excellenoy, and forthwith absquatulated.