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Drops Of Lightning

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-A curious sto ry, authenticatcd by names and dates, is furnished to the New Haven Journal and Courier. It is that a lady, during a storm, saw a distinct onrrent of lightning pass from ouo window to auother. She found !n two dtffereirt places upon the carpet a substaucc buriiing with a bright white iaiiiü, and emitting a stroug sulphurous odor. Tliere being no light in the house at tho time, tho fací seems conclunivo that thcy were drops of fluid whioh had fallen, or beea ejected from the current in its passage through the apartraent. lW Kon. Albert Rust, metnber of Congross from Arkanaa, has gone home to speak for Douglas and Johnson. lic will be aided by Messrs. Flournoy, Hooper, aud others, all of wborn promisc the State by a larga vote for Douglas. ÖüBMARiXE Tblbseaph. - The subrüdy promised by the French government for laying down a submarina telegraph line from France to tlic United States ia an interest of 7 per cent. during fi ft y years on a capital oj 1:;oOO,opo fraacs.