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Seaman On Popular Sovereignty

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' Congrega ha notliing to do with the salí", of intoxieating drinlu in the Beveral Statea and heneo, the election of members of Coagress have no direcí, beartog apon the liquoi trafiu, wbicfa must be regulated in the lereral Statcs by the Stilte laws." - Ann Arbor Journal. If Congres? lias no control over the liquor question in thc States, has it any in tliu territories? And has it any more control over tbc slavery question tinto it has over the liquor question? And if it is neecssary to eend to (Jongreae a man who is pledged to intervention on thc slavery question, is it not equally proper to seud to Congress a "tetotaler," who will go for intervention on tho liquor question? Nay, more, Congress ïnny do much to suppress tho use oí' liquois, by charging mported liiiiors with duties vthich shull amount to prohibitiou. It will thuá not only cut oíF inportatiou, but will check the sale oí' adulterated liquors, for, when it becomes known that no puro liquors are ntroduoed iuto tho country, tlic fonndatiou on whioh thc bogus :u-ticle rests is gone. So ve tliink that Congrega has milito as much to do with thc liquor question as it has wilh tlic slavery qnestion. Let it stop the importation of "original packages," whether of brandies or íiiggers. - Ypëikmti llcro.hl.