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Battle Between Mexicans And Indians

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Indepcndence, July 'M. The New Mexican mail, with dates to the 16th inst., arriVed last uight, making the distance in 13 days. News had reaehed Santa Fe that Manuel Chaves, with 50 Mexicans, had gone in pursuit of a large band of Navajoe [ndians, who had run off a herd of sheep iVom the Hio Grande. They overtook the Indiana and bad a fight with thora, in whioh 20 Mexicana were killed, and -10 Indiaas were killed and wounded, and a considerable quantity of sheep and othcr stock were reeovered. Business in Santa Fo was recovering. Major Sedgwick's eotnmand is at Buut's Fort. Capt. Stewart, a few days ago, went in pursuit of and captured the fainily of the principal chief of the Kimva tribe of ludians. In the melee two eoldLers were wounded. Lieut. Bayard was also very severely wounded by au arrow beïng shot in his chcek. At Last accounts from huñ íhe point of the arrow was still in the wound, and he would be sent to Pawnee Fork tor medical aid. Two Indiana were kiltcd. .; Tho fund of the Smithsonian lustitution, Washington, amounts to some six kundrod and fii'ty thousand dollars. and the interest annually derived 3 thirty-eight thousand three hundred and tventy-five dollars. The expenditures amouut to about thirty-three thousaud dollars, including nine thonsand dollars i for salaries, niue thousand dollars for pubI licatious, &c.