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The Douglas Democratic Club

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Pursufint to adjoursunent, the Club mot ' at thü Court House on Tuesday évening, July 31st, aud was called tü order by E. ii. I'dmi, aa teraporary ohairman of tlic Assooiation. Hun. A. Felch, President elect of tliè Club, was then iatroduced by the chair, : who in a brief and pertinent speech thanked the Club for the honor tendered liiai, aoocpted the office of t'miident, and fcook the uhair. Mr. K. (J Dul'rv, frojn tho coinniittee appointed to draf!, a conslitution, Bubrnitted a report, whioh having beea read and cousidered bj seetions was adopted, as foUaifs: Whereat, We tiie undersigned dceming tU lection of Stvpiikn A. Dol'glas. and the pi i Biulgation of Demoorfttio priaciplei, tne best nuil su".t mciitis, of promoting th6 welfare of this Republfo mul tho only feasiblo wny of produoiiifr lmrmony in all part.s of our belovad country, do h'Tcliy form ournelve nto an ! Bociation. to bc governed by the following Coiistii ut ion. CON6TITUTION. Abt. 1. Tliia Assoeiation shnll bc kriownaa ; Thi Dnnglns Democratie Club of the City of Ann Arbor. or ofpici;es. Art. ■-!, The effio.ers of this Aesociaf.iou slinll consul of a President, four Vioe Pccsi denle, Record i ng Seoretary, Oorresponding iry, n Treasurer, and ni) Executivo ('iiiimiittee of fivc. D0T1ES OF 0FF1CEF.H. Art. 3, Sic 1. Tlic Prdent slmll prrsid over and maintain order in all the meetings uf this Club, nad perforra all the othor dnties usually uttnrhing to such offioer. Sec. 2. The Vioe Presidenta slmll perforen, j al! : 1 e duties of the Presiden, in his absenceo ' and BlinU t'ike. precedence in tbc order of their seniority. Seo 3 It síiall fce tlie iluty of the Recor ding Secretarv fo kepp minutes of nll the mci't.inga of 'his Olnb, and porfonn svich other dutics as símil be assignd toliim Sec 4. It almll bc the duty of the correspcuding Kooro :u-y to keep up n correspondenec . witE the difLront Democratie Club of the State, and p?port the sanie to this Associalion w!un culled upön so to do, and to do such otlu'r otlifT eorrespondence as the Ezecutire Committee oi'y direct. Sec. 5 It8hallbe the diity of the Treaaurer 1o keep tlte fundí cf thig Asoeiat.ion in his po630sioQ ftnd only tlisburse th' in for such purposes as the. Exeeutive Coumiittee shall direct. Ree 6. It hall be the duty of the Fxecu tiv; Committee to cali all meetings of this A ssoeintion; to procure speakers to addreai U:; to have the general supervisión of the finaneial nfïVirs of the CUib, a'.ni perform sueh ether duties as the Asíociation shiül from time to time direct. Art. 3. Sec. 1. Any person desiring the election of STtriJKN A. Douglas to the Preaidency of lüe United States, and Hkbschsl V. Jonxisox 'o ihe Vice Pfesidency tnay bécoméa member of this Club by signing tliisconstitution. Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of cach member of this Club to use the utmost of his ability and influencc to further the objects and secure the ends contemplated by this association. From the same Committee the following rcsolutions wero also reported, whieh were uuanimously adoptad: Whcreas, We belicve Stephen A. Douolas fo be a man eniiuently fitted to lili che highest offico in f he gift of the American people, and blieviug hiscourse in the HalU of our National Legisliiture to be consistent- patriotic and democratie, and that by his iudomitable perseverancc and energy has done all in lus pow er to promot" the truc democratie principies, and by his ffreat wisdom nnd Biatesmanship ha3 prv"(l him8feïf worthy of our highest pe8peot and adniiration, Ïair6rore Resolved, That wc w-ill use aU laudable and fair meana to ensore his election to the presidency of these United States in November next, Resolncd, we believe the apjrlication of the principie of non intei vention to be the true means of banishing forever the subject of slavery from tho Iiall3 of Congress, and procuring eqnal and exaot rights to all the eitizens of this Republic. Prsnlved, Thut intervention means disunion, and ihat it is the duty of every true patriot to c'ïmbat and discourage it by cvery incans whieh the God of nature has placed iu his power. Rfsoloed, That in llorsehel V. .l-lmson we discern a great Statesman and a truo patri -jt-, and that by his Inte effort has showt) himself a clear expounder of democratie principies, and believing him to be a true friend of he Constituí ion and the Union, we will use all our energies to procure his election. Resolved, That John 8. Barry, by his long tried honcsty and integrity is the man best fit'ied to tnke the reigns of government from tiie present and past corrupt republican administration of tb.c State of Michigan; and we firmly belicve ihat he will restore onr State Treasury to a state of solvency, and procure for U3 self-respect at home and good credit abroad. Hcsohed. That we have the fullcst oonfidence in the other candidatee upon our State ticket, and believe them, one and all. to be the rlght mn m the ric't place, and pledge to them our united and heart; support. N. E. Whlcii oiTered t!u following resolution which was adopted: Resolced, That this Club hold a niass meeting in this City on the 25th of August, the day of our County and Senatorial Conventious, and invite the Democracj of the Cotinty, and all friehds uf the Constitution and the Union to be present. The couKtitution was thon numcrously ïigncd, the proeeedings ordered published in the Asous, and tlie Club adjourned. jjj" A Brbckineidqb State ConventiOD to noininatü au eloctorial ticket and rtíinsact other busÍDeas has been callod to meet in Detroit on the 2'.Hh inst. The cali s signed by three or four who will vote for BuBcitiNRiDQB and by soveral who wont. - 1 i urn - " Hon. L. i). Campbell, of Ohio whose forma] leave-taÜDg of tho republican party we alludcd to a week or so ago, has joined the Bell and Everctt party, "YTc breathe eagicr sincc his destiaation is decided. %L Tho total popnlation of Onlonag-on Oounty, according to the census just completad by Hon John Grbenfield, is 4483. fl Spoakihg oí the late BreckinridciE meeting in Detroit, the Local News 8iys : " There is nothing very important in tho movement. It will not do any good or hurt iu this State. Wc were calculating on about twonty thoupand majority Lincoln, but this movement may ,rive us thirty thousand over Douglas. We are not at all in ned of help bt't whon it is proffcred to us we oí conree aro willing to receive it." What say the BiiECKiNRiDau men to that? The ropnblicans count thoir movement as an open proffer of help, and expect by the a i tl of the Brkcki.nbidoe democrats(?) to increaee Lixcqln's majority ton thousaad. Are those domocrats who do not wprk ior spoils alono roady to be made tools of ior this ptirpose? I3P Tho reoeut Breckiaridge meet' ing in Dotroit, resolved, among other thinge asiillows: "That such newspa pers in the Stalü aiul nation ae tuke an interest in this movement, be requoated to pubüsh the iofegoing pronmbles and resolutiqns." They are publishod in all the republioau papers of the State, and the aioveraeat approvëd. L-L The Constantino Mercury charges that fruud was perptrated in making the cali and geltiug up the late republicau Oongressiona) Convention in that district, and perpetrated for the bonefit of noíhinee, Mr. Bbaman. The Mercury demanda aoother conven, tion, and a new deal, whieh it wil] liard. ly get, at loast while it supports the idnteof the bogus convention, It thould ïx-fuse to endorse llio candidato elae cense boo-Looing about tbe ir regularity of tho cali. 53P Tho Democratie Cóngreesional I Oonvention for tho Saeond District is called to be held at Coldwater on the 28th jast. - - i - in üfci in On the SruMi'. - Jiditor Coi.b, ot the Journal, is reportod as having made a speech at a rcpubücan polü rai-in;.r in Detroit last week. The Adrerlissr says it was ' briof and to thepoint." ty The republicana and the i lican press are rauch exercised with tho idea that Forney ia about to declare for Linooln, and give him his support and voto. Thoy may au well exorcise lliia idea from their minda. A recent peüeóf Fornoy's Press, now beforé us, says : "Tho editor of The Prets will vote for the pure electoral ticket to be üominated at Harrisbqrg fco-day, and in bo dping will curry out tho publiolyxpressed policy of Stephen A. Doua las liiraself." Furthor, tho Press says its cour-e .':s eustained by eight-tenths of the democratie party of Pennsylvania." U this siitisfactory to the rèpubïioan frionds of Forney ? l Wo notáce that the vario; f? republican county and district commifees inake their calis through the Loea3 News, tbua leaving the public in doubt as to which is really the " leading re" publican paper in the county." Will sorae ono enlighton tho ignorant but anxious public witii the "statistics" of the question ?