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Ilarrisburg, Penn , July 2G. The dsmooratic convention adopted tonight iinanimously a sorics of rcsolutions cndorsing the platform and noniinntions of the recent State convention at Re;iding, and also tlie platform and nominations of theBaltimore national democratie eonvention; deuouncing the plan of the State democratie committeo for fusión as anti democratie and in opposition to the wíkIies of the democratie massos; and finally declaring it to bc the duty of the State ommittee to cali another convention of the demoeracy for the purpose of preparing an electoral ticket pledged to Bost&io the action of the Baltiinore national conventiou aud the regular democratie candidatos, Douglas and Johnson. Montpelier, Art., July 26, The democratie Stato eonvoutioD, to nomínate State offieers and Elcctors at largo, was held here to-day - 1'. Dillingliani, of Watcrbury, president, aud Mcssrs E. M. Smalley, oí' Burlington, and Wjman, of St. Albans, secretarios. John &. j Saxo of Burlington, was nominated for Govemor;Stepheu Thomas, of West Fairley, for Licuteuant Governor; Jas. S. Thurstou, of Montpelier, for Trcasurer; Eloctors at largo, Isaac Bowditch and P. Dillingham, of Watcrbury. The conventiou was largo aud enthusiastie, and unacimous for Douglas and Johnson. Séneca Falls, N. Y., July 27. The democracy of Séneca oounty held an immense J)ouglas meeting at this placo last night. Over three thousand persons werc present. Albany, July 27. Much feeling is expressed to-day on the removal of Messrs. McQuade, Sigsbes, and Uaftuey from the custoni houpc, and the appointment of Messrs. Faxrei, Griffm, and Blanchard. The threc uewly appointed offieers were all prominent in the movement with defoated Erastus Corning for Congress and elected John. H. Reynolds by a unión vvith the republicana. One of the appointees is the editor of the Evening Standard, Breek inridge, and the working editor of the Morning Knickerhoeker, republican. The Albany Wide-Awakes turned out in great numbora last night to altend the dedication of a wigwam at Troy. Some five hundred wu:it up, uuiformed. New York, July 27. Thcre is great exciteineut at Occaqua'.i, Va. noar Atéiandrift, in öonsèaéncé of the republicana raiíÍDg a banner bearing tbc uauies oí Lincoln rfud Harnlin. The (iiizoiiíí íitteinpted to deinolisk it. The' republicana resisted aud dispatcLed mo.sfengers to ncighboring towns ior arina .-Mil ammnnitioo. Gov. Letcher ordered Gen. Ilatton to cali out Lis troops to pro tect the republicans, but the General prcferred resígning hits oommand. At last aeuounts it was expeled the military of Alexandria would bu callcd out. Öccaquan eontains 800 republicans, atíd vvas tlie residence of Mr. Undenvood, the ! tracised republican. Chicago, July 27. Francia A. Hoffman, who was uominated for Lieutenaut Governor at tho last república1.! State conrention, and who publiahed bis ntonliou to withdraw, hasj it ja uuderstood, in accordancc with resolutiona passed at two Congrcssional conveiitions, eoucluded to withdraw liin resúmation. and conseuted to ruu as a candate for that office. Boston, July 27. At a moefcing beid at Lowcll, last niht, a coimnittea was appointed to invite Mr. Douglas to visit that city on Wedneüday next.