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Immense Douglas Meeting At Springfield, Illinois

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■ Spnpgfield, III., July 25. The Donglas and Johnson ratifieatioii meeting at this placo to day was unfloubtedly the largest politica] demonstration ever held iu Illinois. It is estimatfd tbat at least 40,000 peoplo were present. Tho exdtemunt and entlm.siasm exceeded anything ihat bas boen seen since the log cabin days of 1840. Largo proecssions camo in froip more than a dozen countiesfn central Elinois; öag 'tidbanncrs bearing mottoes were yravlDg on e.very hand. One wagon contpioing 30 men, all barefooted, hora a banncr on which was ihscribed, " The Biueiooted Domocracy are for üon aa and Johnson " The ma8sés rèpafifed to EJwards' Groyo. ner tfc,e city, and at 1 q'lock Biveral meetings were organized. - 8peecïies were deïïvóred by Hon. Jas. C. Allen, W. A. Richards. John A. fjOgao,, O. B. Fioklio, Judge Krum, of Missoui-i, Col. Ivosí, Hou. John A.McOlernf.nd, Judgö Gr. H. Campbell, Dr. E. K. Roe, Anthony Thoniton, aadvarïoue oth-rs. At nigUt thora wis a torch-light praecssion, whieh contained pt-rhaps as manv as a bhoosasd torohes. Thore was n!so Fpoaking at the democratie headq'jarters. Salutes have boen fired during the day, and at üight theie.was a splendid display ot firaworks.