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Douglas In New York

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A correspondent of the I roy ÍVig (a república paper) m a long letter says amotig ollior things : "I confesa I am a íittlo surprised to find in this ncclion of tbo State so ïnuuh fecling for Douglas. There is no mistaking it, and no use to blink it. There is ;in imprüssion that Douglas is opposèd by tho South uureasonably, and hat, tlierefore, he should bosustaiucd. Besidus, tho 'squattet sovei-eigr,(y' principio is thought to bo rig-ht, and 'Democ.-ai.ic.' 1 n.ustsay,in all candor, tb at the Douglas party is the only gruwing one in this section at the presetit time, if an opiüion may be forined irom the expression of men as you meet them by chance. I asked him how much majority Ontario epunty would give for Mr. Lincoln? He replied with groat positiventíss, tliat iFr. Douglas would carry tho county, and mentioned two old Whig towns which wonld givo a Douglas inajprity of thrco hundred. Tbis 'Douglas talk' I should think lesa of were it less frequently run against. It seems almost uoi veraal, and men ui, o have not a bit of love for the 'little giant,' and vvho would nol vota íor h i rn to ;;ve his life, teil me with groat empbasis, that 'Douglas is very strong about here.' I do not vviite this to encourage or discourage any partisan, but as ajact which a chronicler of facts could not woll bo silent about."