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Washington", July 21 The Mobile Register, edited by John Forsyth, republishes Gov. Wiso's letter of 1858, approving of Douglas and his platform, during bis coat eet wi.h Lincoln for the Benatórship, and decply regretting nis inability to leavo Virginia leng enough to go and help hun to stump Illinois The appearance of this very omphatic iodoraernent of Douglas, just now, is said greatly to embarrase Gov. Wise. Rumor has, for sonríe daya, ropreseat'jd Iiim as preparing a labored pronuneiaincnto in favor of Brockinridge, but he finds his record an ug!y thiug to face under such circurastances. Advicee received from the frinds of Douglas, from all portions of Virginia, reproseo t a greater strength for ther candidate than had boon anticipated. He will undoubtedly poll iroin twentv to tliirty thdusand votos in the State. Special Dispatch to the X. Y. Tribune. Washington-, July i!7. A report prevails amoog cootraotors upon public buildings that work cannot pioceed upon several of them by reasoq of u want of money. Tho loan bilí of last session briaga nothing into the treasury, beoause DO outstanding treasury notes are sent in for exchange for tbopennnnoat public socarity autborized by the loan act. . Sjcci Dispatclj to the N. Y. Horald. Washiwoton, July 27. Therc are confliüting reports from Virginia about tho futuru course of Gov. Wise. The 15reckinridge men say chat Gov. Wise is sooa to make a speech in favor of their candidato and a sonfhern confoderacy, and against Lineóla and Donglas and the ïsortb, in, more and severer adjectives than ho ever beforo poke; while tho Virginia frieods of Douglas assert, with the greatcst degreo of confidenco, that Gov. Wise has not authorized any peí-son to declaro what his position will bc in the present campaign, and they express tlicir belief that, although he is a very erratic man, ha will not oppose Douglas, because most ol his friends aro Bupporting Douglas. Tho friends of tho latter al&onssert that his vote will be betweon tliirty and forty thcusand.