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Tremendous Rain Storm

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liever did we witness a more powerlui ram etorin Uian Jtat whicb ucourrod on SiuiJuy j inorólng last betwoid the houra of half past one and fcur o'clock. For fuH two honra j he-iveii's artillery kept upa conti nuous roar ( Bnd the vivid lightnings flashed from the hDrizon to the zenith and from the zonit.h j to the horizin in all direotious. The flood gatea were openad aud the watera cams down in torrents th could nob have bien beaten in the days of Noa'i. Tiiere must have been a colliaion on the aerial rcilway, a bursting oí full charged clouds, and an outpouring of their oonteuts without regard to moderation To give some idea of the unusual, the alraost ur.parallelei quantily of water that feil, we inay say that enpty paila left aitting in yards the night bc o e were found full to overflowing oa Sabbath morning, and that a number of empty barrels left out on Saturday eveuing by one of our oitizeñi who had been engaged n drawing wnttr, cach contained full nine inches of water whenthe storm ceased. This fact shows beyond dispute that the fall of water during the two-and-a-half hours the storm raged wie ocer nine incites on the keel. As a consequence of the storm the rise of theHuron and its feedirs was unprecedented, the banks were filled to overflowing, wide epreading bottoms submerged, weak-koeed bridgei caved in, darns broken, and much du 8truction of property caused. We hear of in juries of the dam and race of the Peninsular Mills at Dexter ; to the dam at Scio ; that about seventy feet of the dam of Goodale & Heklet, at Delhi, were carried away; that the dam and race at Cornwell's Paper MUI and Osborn's faetory were injured considerably ; and that MoMaho lost about fifty feet of bis dam. At this City ihe river is reported ae having risen at about five o'clook Sunday morning eighteen inehes in fifteen minutes, and the "oldest in'iabitant" says that it attained a higher level than ever beforo. Sinclaie's dam fortunately esoap&d ÍDJury, as did the dam at Gedies, three miles below the City. At this latter point, however, it i thought the milis were Eaved from undermined and wreeked,by some dozeu tons of hay being swept from the bottom into the race, thus turning the awollen stream entirely over the tumble way of the dam. The Paper MUI dam or race ai Ypsilacti, we hear was slightly injured. We have not been fa vored with a detail of injuries or an estímate of damagas at any of the points on the river named. The little stream whieh winda its way through the western part of our City, clisharging into the Hurón near Swift's Mili, put on airs, swelU-d to the magnitude of a river, displaced bridge3, overflowed its banks, and "laid around Ioo3e" generally. Swift'a race sprung ak'ak, and ono or two bridge s took sudden leave. Several culvorts on the rai'.road west of this were more or lese injured, bul the connruction trains were immediately set to tfork and the trains have made regular time.