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Hildreth's Patent Gang Plow

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FOR SALE AT MANCHESTER. MICT., BT 33 - X3 3VE ORE TT j GETTEH A Ij C& 23 2ST -3? Fjr "Waslitenaw and tlie adjoi-ning Counties. K;tiO Ganjffl have a high reputallon abroftd - nny one dost ring f uit her informslion v. i; Uwh wnd for n ('iruliir ï( this lr n'ii Ritísfy tlioso desinng to iiurchase, ilny can B0e Uiem teáted uini lln'lr own .i i mibes l y notifjiiifj tin' Utneral Ag'cut. top ale the ImpröYed Scotch or Hlghlunder IMow, The Climax Tron Eearn PIow, Hildreih'fl Patoni Grain I rül, whieh meftgurea tlie land owa, and eoatrola the feeil by roising and 1 iwerïng th tfeth, - ïraproTèd Coro ('ui tivater, Corn Mills fot Crlndihg Fecd - is owned by Bnry Goodjeai, of Frwdoro. Alo tba Smpire Threshing Mr. chine, viUi Iron Power, 3 f1 C lindera, Straw-carrler, and all oftmp!et&', for ICO i tol tMmpoPtal ; ■ '. ;v ilxrorlJ to competa with it Eñe f Dntfl ana the Saving oi Braln. jgTS Tor !atlit'r partícula see PamphkU. E. B. MOREY, General Agint, 755w6 Maiiebestor, ilic?iig;in.


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