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New Firm! New Goods!! D. L. WOOD, & CO. Are now receiving and opening A Large and Beautiful ASSORTMEKTT -OFS t a-p-l-o n-d F-a-n-c-y DRY GOODS! G-IROOEZEIIIBS;, CROCKEliY, LADIEb' AND CniLDRENS SÉOES, }7. $0. fe. AT THE OLD STAND OF D. L. WOOD. Time joods hare beenbought since the recent deeline in pnces in ilte Eastem Markets and icill bc sold correspondinqhj CllEAP. Wc wrnlil respect.fWiy invite lb citizonso Ann Arbbr and thesurroundingcountyto CALL AND EXAMINE OÜB GOODS! As it is no Irouble to 6how them, and w bope 87 FAIR AND IIOXORABLE DEALING To merit a liberal share of their pfitronagc. D. L. WOOD. Wm. G. FOSTER. West sidc of Public Square Ann Arbor, April 20. 1860. 743tf Q U I TER MAN HEAD QUARÏEES! THE MOST COMPLETE CLOTHING EMP0R1UM In Michigan ! CONTAIXS THE STOCK OF GARMENTS EVER OFFEKED FOR SALE IN TUIS M J. È Ê T! OLR SPRI1NÜ Sí SUMMER e l m mm TFe keep everything which ihefashion and times demand, and can sell tlieni cheaper thnn any other Establishment in the State. WE HAVE MORE THAN' 1OOO Xjíxígxx Coat, OF EVERV VAEIF.TV Of FAPIIION, Such asSacks. Half Sacks and Frock Coats, &c, mmufncttiredby ourselven, from the best qiialitiee of LiiiL-u, Cassimeresand Marseilles; Also a large agfiortroeot of DEESS AND FROCK COATS, Of ererj quality, of Brown, Blue and Fancy ColorB. We bave the LA TE S T S T YL E S -OFKrom tho fiocst patterns, plain and fancy, in tlifi wUfl wide worM. The most faptidious can be satisficd by our large and newly selected stock of H A TT O K]O O[PO2 COLLARS AND SHIRTS, Of all kinds. Cravats, Fhir Bosom,IIamlkerchiffa, Susjiendcrs, Umbrclla,CarpctBags, Trunks, ie. The rich cstGlovcs,from tbc flnest silk to the softcnt Mountaio Kid,already to titltheband ofevery ciiBtomer. You can fintl overvthing in oureBtabliKhmcnt wbich the world ofto the trading coiniuunity in -AHDCLOTH FOR CUSTOM WORK! We have also tbo finest Fronch and Belgian Broad Cloth, "ancy Cas-imeres, Fancy Silk anti Marscilles Vestingn, c. flS" We ouldalso cali the attention of tlie StudenU, jppeciallv t.heífr:ulufitítiíclas8, if any of them want a íiOÜDFÍTfTN'G SUITjlct them come to PONDHEIM, in ■rder to get a good fit. Thankful for past patronage to tur oldcustomerH, wo iuvitc as many uew ones to come nd givo ur a cali. D on't fail to sec Guiterman-s Hpadquartern, before go ng ebsewhere. Jï. GIUTKKJUN" & CO. Ann Arbor, April 11( 1860. 743tf FRESH ABRIVAL -OF- NEY GOODS. -AT- STEONG'S New Cheap Oash Store. riREAT BARGAINSARE OFFEKED- a la:ge lineof Silk Parasols from 4s to $3,00. fhe best of Wtch Spring Steel Skirts, Five Cents a H- 0- O- P- . Tip Top 8ö inch Umbrellas, only 12s thcr sizvs in proportion. Ahngestock of Prints very low LACE AND STELLA SHAWLS, LACE AND CLOTII MANTLES. STRIPED AND PLAIN SnEETINGS, YANKEE NOTIONS, EMBKOIDERIES, Hats & Caps, Groceries Crockery bc, Ac. Also t largo Stock of Ladieb f-hoes, At Prices 10 per cent less ttan usual L&■ No troublo to show Goods. Cal] and examina, at Strong'e CHEAP CASH STORE. EXCHANGE BLOCK, ANN ARBOR, UP W1TH THE TIMES! THE OLdTaND RELIABLE Clothing Emporium! ! NO. 3 P II (EN IX BLO CK, MAIN BTREET. h.i - j'i-it retamd from tlio Eutern Cttles, w Ltb a larg aod degtrabta stock of SPRING AND BTTMMER E3r OO3QBÍ uhich lie is nnv oíTfiing ut umiMiaüy .Winnj li ïk AsscrtnuMit may bo fouod BROADCLOTITS, OASSIMERES, DOESKINS, & VESTINGS, of iill iiescrïptions, pspt'eialljr for which hp is eatHng and ratkipg to afeder, In tbolaipwt and bent tifies, togelher Wlth a piipern-r MSOTtniGDl of BEADY MADE CL0TI1ING! TRUNES CARPirr BAÜS, ÜMBRELLAS, and ; Gentlemen's Furnisking Goods, witta numerouB other art'cles usiidlly found in limitar establishment s. As ANEMPOKIUM OFFASIIIOiN, t eRubMriberflattcrs hims3f, that bis long f xperieiKf and general succes, will enab!1 hira to gfive the greatoai nnti. fiictiou to all who m--iy trust liiui in tho wftj unfacturing garmenth to cxA- . GALL E A R L Y ! nnd learí-vour ordom. Wíl. WAGNER TO HOUSEKEEPLRS. SOMETHINO NOT.- B. T. BABBIT'S Best Medical Saleratcb. f I manufacturcel from conamon Fait, and i Li mrt'pare rntii-oly rtitTorcnt froni other Saleratu?. JJj aH the delcteriou matter extractad 'm bucIi a W f mannor as to produce Bread, Bfecuft, and aülü Ufrikindíi of Cake, without con tciiuin,!? a particle ol(P SalcratuK whtu the Bread or Cake is bbed: J tbercby prortucing wholesome ro?illts. Iiij 3 partióle of Baleratufi is turn;l tn gta, .ind paCá ibroupli the BiCttd nnd Biscnit rbtle baking. U L L jocscquotitly, nothi'ig rrrnaïns bui c-mmmiPan a UU Vater, aivl Flour. You will rearflly percef ve, b; j the tasto of thioSaleratus, that it is entlrelj fl 'tiffprent froxn otfaerSalerattifl. uj It is packod in one pound pappvs, cac'n u np 0 !erbranded, iLB.T. Kabbiil's Rost Medicinal y ?O -SaleratuR;" aiso, picture, twlatcd leaf of bread, J3 Uu witli a glass of cffervescing water on the top.- Q tt'henyuu purchase ono paper you should pre (L serve the wrapper, and be particular to gi-t tbc ? next cxactly like the first- brand as nbovc. lj n'( Full direciionsfnr maliingBreml with this Sal ( I v öratus and Sour Milkor Creaiï Tartar. 1 company eaoh packapo; also, directions foij' mftkinRall kinds of Pastry: also, for ínnkinl'' Soda Waterand Seidlïtz Powdexs. !rS 2 HAKEYOÜROWN SOAP mih !y IM. T. BAÜUIIT'S PURE CONCÉNTRATE] ,ü POTASII. Zt Warranted doublé the streng th of ordinary y l'otasb: put up in cans - "l lb,2 IbP, -3 Iba, f fl jtb, aad }'2 lbs - with full directiousfor niaking AND Hard aml Soft Soap. Conpumers Wil] flnd thil K the cheapost article in raarkot. r Mauutactint'd and for sale bv J lï. 'T. BABIÏITT. 2 j ]fï4,OG,6S, 70, A; Ï4 Washington tt.,NW York, fl iyl 1 ana No 38 ludía' Bosten. TCi T4?.yl (È NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMP'NY. Accuraulated Jan, 18G0, $1,767,133,24 MORRIS FRANKLTN, President, J. C. KENDALL, Vtce President, PLINY FREEMAN, Actuar y $100,000 DEPOSITED with theComptroltorof h Ptat of New Turk. Divi(ieoda average -10 per ceut. annually. j s s 13 i" s; . Tashin Ruik, 31,355,49 iBTWted n secitritics, created under tlie lawsof tlic Stat or New York and of the U. S., 258,8T0.79 Hcal Estáte and Fixtures, Nos. 112 and 114 BtmuJway 132,450 04 Bonds and Mortgages (Irawing 7 per et. interest fJjitcJ8 .39 Notes roceived for 40 per cent. of premiuraö tin lïm policies, bearing iuterest, G7,r),315.85 Quarterlv and Smi-anmial preminraP,flne subBequent to Jantiary 1, 1860 20,5.10.38 Interest accruedup to Jan. 1, 18r,0, 36.488.77 Renta accnieduptnJan. 1, lfBO, 1,70. 34 rrcmiuLüs ou policies in hands of Agenta, 26,445.19 1,767,133.24 Trs Wklls and Lewitt, Medical Fsaminers. 743tf J. G1LBER1 SMITH, Agont. HEAVY AR RIVAL OF SPRING GOODS. ÍAM XOW OPENING FOR THE EARI.Y Ppiinjr Trarte 'an entive new Stock, anl offer for cash at low priceit, English & American Prints 300 pieces Summer Stufft, Dcnims, Sirijjcs Siirlivgs and Tickmgt. 200 pieces Clolhi, Cassimeres, Satinéis, Kentueky Jeans, and Twceds. 200 p'eces DRESS GOODS, (Ne-w S-t-y-l es-, 5OO IE- - Oo- O- s 5-0-0 Hoop S-k-i-r t-s . 200 Dozen Gloves and Hosiery. 20 Bales Sheetings. 1OO Pioces Paper and Common Cambrics. 200 Pieces Bleached Goods, Linnens, and other White Goods. Shcllaud and Berlín W'ools Dress Tnmmings, FLOWERS, Ilibbons, Rushes, and all artirles usnally kept in Dry Qoods. Choice Family Uroceries, S II E L F HARDWARE, CROCKERY, &c, &c, &c., Haring closcd out all II A R D GOODS this Ftock will be found particularly desirable. All patlics prcp&red to for gooiis wilt lo wellto examiu thi stock as I have POSITIVELY i.arked thm t much lesa then former JOHN W. MAYNARD. Ann Arbor, March 27, 1860.