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Great Reduction IN CLOCKS, WATCHES AND JEWELRV. o. ioicxsüs, nAVIWG made íúflh arnnaoTmntwith thr Import era. itpt cpared to teil Wal hca and itmiiy othe fiUÍ!(!3, Itt Gieatly Reduced Pnces.! Good Silver Cylinüer WnK-bes. S 0 " " l' HuutingCaee, IS.0 " '4 A n chora ' 16.0 jgü fíold IVn'a with Silver HoIdRre, 1.0 Platcd Ten Shoons, P Xbl Bpoont, L00 A Ilbftnil discount mndc to Deftlers. Jcwnlry aod nmny oiher tilinga in propnrtion. Silver and Platcd Ware! He alfokeeps fcrenle the eclebrated i.morioaii w f 't o Xx o 37 Every WitU-h warrnnted to glve entircöatiafoction Ile bftfi n ï c . n tino nesortmrnt üj TABLE & POCKET CXJTLERÁ S0ISS0R5, PHKARf. nnJ R AZOHS.and a rrrii tj o Musical Instruments, With Sirinfn, Hooks, nnd Tr immings lor the aame B1UTTANÍA WARE. HaÜPl, Davis & Co's Celebralcd Pianos. And h grerrt vftriotyof Notioní too T.umnrous lo men tion in bd advTtiBemrnt, all qí wliidi ill be eold CI1KAPFORCAS1I! Particular attention ptiid to the rcpölring ofall kind ol tirio watchoí, Buch ns mnkincand 6utting Jowcis, now Piniccs, Stuff, mui Cyllnders; al" Clocka oud Jnwelrjoeatly reparcd and warraiited. No 27, centre of Pnsnix Blotk. CAI, VIN BLSSI Ann Arbor, .Tan, 1.3, 859, IN'S'ÜRANCE iT. "W. JtS.2ST IGr 3EI T , AttheStoreofWliies. Knk'iit is Agaat for tnc foll ovving lire', clims hïsurflnce Compnniet: I X3CC3E3 KTIX INSURANCE COMPANY, of hartford. Cash Capital - - - 200,000 00 Cash OafitaL, July lst '58,410,084 66 CoiiYvay Fire Insnrance Co,, Of Conway, Mass. Capiwl paid tip, - $150.000 00 Assets (Casb), . - 269,963 12 Linbilities. - - - 16,4 10 03 D. C. Rogers, Jas. S Whitney, Secretar. President. DIRECTORS. J S.WmTKKY, L. BODMAN W EM.1OTT, ASA HOM L AND, D C. MoOILVRAV, E ü MOHGAN WAIT BEMENT, JOSIA1I ALLI8. A. II IBU'.i.EN W. H. nlCKINSON, Vf. T. CLAPP, D. C. ROGBRS. Ann Rrfcrcnces: Dr. E. WKU.S, 1. JAMES, L. DOUGE, ENOCI1 JAMEá. CAPT. O.S. GOODRICH, j J. W. KNIGI1T. Apert Ann Arbor, Micbiran Murch ]. GHEAT GIFT SALE BOOKS & JE WELRY! SCHOFF & MILLER rNJOKDERTO SIAKE ROOM FOB S 3E= n. I INT O SÍTOOIE, have dcterniined to sell thcir MI S CEL LA NEO US B 0 0KS - AT- PUBLISIIEE'S PE1CES, And give to Each Purchaser a Present In valuc fi'om oOCentvS Up to % 100. WITH E A C II B 0 0 E S OLD. Cnll carly nnd examine 'licir Bonk tni Pre ais. Ann Arbur, Mich3, 1860. 736tf. GHJ3Ü.T EXCITEMENT ! ! T h o s e IV e w GOODS AT A . P . MILLS' CHEAP CASH STORE, (South Side of the Publie Square,) íure creating a KrWíl excitf-ment, and those wishing to 1 malte tkeir SPEING PÜRCHASES, are invitod to cali and examine Stylcs and price f iore purcharung. IVice Clialiies from Is to 2s. i Lawns, Berages, Foulards, Crapements, Balzarines, BriUtants and Fancy Silks n groat variety, nnd of the latest patteras. ,' i Silk, Crape, and Cashmere í 3hawl very loiv. g A Splendid Stock of Prints frorn 6 ets. per yard up. ? Uoop Sltirts at onc half tho usual price. Eats and Caps, Ladies and Children's J Shoe8 ! ! iummor Cloili and Vesiincs ín great variety of c :erns, whicli I am preparcd to make up and WARRAXT „ K FIT. , A full assortment of Domestic Goods, Orockery and Grocerie8, ill of which I offor at tho lowest cash prices. t!3k. I am lotto bc undtTKold. A. P. MILLS. Groceries & Provisions. SLAWSON & GEER, HAV1XG ettabUshed themaelrésTn the Orocery business wou ld inform tluiir friciuïs umi cu stomers that thf:ywoukl bo happy toseothem at Ui eir store, where tbey haveon haml a Large and Choice Stock -OFFamily Groceries, ncluding every tliing athclne. Also Provisión of all Linds, Sugars of the best quality, Syxupa of H kinds, Beet of (.'offern, f'irst tlaw Tcas,eto. iï'SuH.ive xh.o:dtto:i3 bought nd sold, and the Ilighost pricopaid in Cah. Ho bas also ou hand a constant supply oí Water Lime and Piaster of Paris, which will bo soldatthe lowest rale". The subseribers wishit dintinctly andentood Lbatthey will not be un4ro!d ij any establishment in the city SI.4WS0N& GEEH. Albor rril 15, 1859. GREAT, GREATER GREATEST BAIiGAINS EVEROFFERED '859. J1859In tliUCity, are uow being ofFered at tlis CIIEAP, GLOCK, WATCH, & J o-w elry JStoxOMItt Snbgcnbor wouldany to tlití citiznfl ni Aun Ar bor.ii particular, and the reet of Wnahtminw Ci.iiiKv in enniTül, tlil helinsjual lMPOKliSU PI KKCTI.Y trom JiUUUI'K. n Treuiendoas Stock of Watclies! Ah of whlch hr blnds himaelf to 11 CHKAPKR tban can be boughl w'wt ot' New Voik City. Opon Face Cylinder Wntchcs Irom êii to Sin do do Lever do do 8 to 21 iïuntiog Case do do do 14 to 32 do do Cylinder do do 9 to 26 Gold Watohes from 20 to 150 l l.avc alwo the CELE DU ATEO AMEUJCAN WAT CHES, whk-h I will léll ttr $33. ErryWfttch warrunted to perform wc II, ortlio uion.iy retundetï. Cloulis, Jewelry, ritted War, Fnnry Goods, Gold Pens, Musical Instruments aii'l diringa, Uutlcry, êtc„, and in fact n vark'ty of every th ina iuunlly keplby Jew el urn enn bc bnughtfor tïie next nin"ty days ut y i r O W N PRICES! Persona buying anythiag at thia wel! known establifliime ui enn rely upon getting goods exact'y as rep resent'-d, orthemoney retunded. CaJlcnrly und o cure the best burgaina ever ofl'ered in thi City. One word in regard to Repairing : We ure preparad to niHkc nny ropair onfin or cotn mon Waichea, oven to m-ikincc er the ontirc vratcfa, f neceftnary. lïepuirlng nf Hoeks and Jewelry a usual. Aleo tho mauufactuiinír oí RINGS, BROÜCHS, ur Jiuything desired, from Ctilifrrma Gold on short no tice. Eagrartpff in sUitsbranchuaexcruted with neat nees nnd J C WATTS. Anu Arbor, Jan. 28th!e59. TL-lw Something Worth Iieading! choifXliiiller ARKAGA1N ON KANI),att.liBlre!d and, (Thre DOürsNolthof Frunklin House,) witbtbemo complete and Extensivo Assortmen -orBooks and Stationcry Wall and Window Papers, Oil Painted, aad Gold Boicïeied Shades Curtain Rollers, Tassels, Cords, AND A THOUSAND AND ONE THING In Iheir li no, KNTUÍEI.Y TOO NUMMÏ0US T MKNTION, which thsyinívite tlieir Iricnds, and th public gcnerally, to CAIjIj tSa EI3SCV3VII3Xr33 Before Purchasiug Elsewhere, n thoy flatter themfiplvethat their Stylea am Prtcft cinnotfnil to provp aatisfactory. Ann Arhor Muy 1, 1850. lfüllACE WATEirs" A G E ü T 3 3 3 Broadway, V e w Y or k PitbUshtr ofMiiilc nnci Muslc Iiooks axd ni:..r.En in Pianos, Melodcona, Alexandro Organ Organ Accordeons, Martinas celebrated andother Guitars, Violins, Tenor Viols, Violincellos, Accordeons, Flutina6, Flutcs, Fiíes, TrianglesClari nettí?, Tuning Foi -ks, Pipes andHammers, Violin Bows, best Italian Strings, Basa Instruments for Bands, Piano Stool?, and covers, and all kinds of Musical Inytruments. S Xx o o t 3ML ix S i o, Trom all tlie publisherK in ííie V. B.VBerlinITg Iluntin's, ahd Modern Sofaooi, and all kinds of lustrnction Hooka for the above inntniments; Church fttaslc liook?; tfusfe elegant ly bound; Music paper, and all kinds of ICmio UerchuAidlae, Att hcLowest P rices. New Planos At $175, $200, $225, $250, and up to $800. Secoud Hand Piíinos from $25 up to $160; Now Melodenns, $45 i $fiO, ST5, $100, and up to $200; Second Hand Melodenns from $30 to $80; Alexandre Organs, with five stops, $160, nine stop1?, $185 and $225; thirtn stops, $250, $275 and $300: fifteen stops, $320 and $375; A libnral discount to Clergymon, Churches, Sabbath Sfibools, Semtnariea and Teachers. The Trade Bupplied at the usual trade discounts Testliitonlals of the Hornee "Waters Planos and Mclodeon. John TTewdtt, of Carthapft, Xew York, who has had one of the HoraccWaters Pianos, writcsas followí: "A friend of mine wishes me to purchase a piano for irr. Slm liken tho one yon sold mo iu December, 1856. My piano is becomíng pojiular in tlus placp, and I think I ;an introduce one or two more; they will be more popuar than any other mako." 'lWe have two of Waters' Pianos ín use in, one of which has been scverrly tosted for three rtars, and we can testify to their jonil qnality and durability.'-'- Wood & Gretrory, Mount Carroll, III. "S, Watern, Esq.- Iíkab Lir: Haviníf nsed oneof your 'ano Fortes for two years past. I have fonud itaverv superior Instrument. Arovzo (e.w, Principal Brooklyn tíeightg Semmary. "Tlie Piano I rcceived from yon continúes to íve satpfaction. 1 regard it as one ofthe bestinstrunienís inthe )lace.M Jamks L, Clahkk, Charleston, Va. "Tho Melodeon has afely arrWed. I feel obliged to yon fory our liberal discount." Rov. J. M. HoCoiuncfc YarquesvilleS, C. "The piano was duly roceived. Roanas in excrllent ondition, and íb very much admirod by my nmovooB amily. Accept my thanks for your promptnpss." - Eobert Coopeb, Wárrcnkam, Iiraájocd Co. Pa. "Your piano picases us well. It is the best one in our ounty.",- Thomom A. Latiiam, CampbelUon, Ga. 14We are very much obligad to you for havinj; ent, hcIi a fine instrument for $250." - Braxk,IIeld & Co Bitffato Democrat. uThe Iloraco Waters Pianos are known ftsaniong the 'cry bet;t We are enabled to speak of these instrunenta with confidence, from personal knowledge of Ihoir xcellent tone and durable quality." - N. Y. Evangelist, "We can speak of the mcrits of the Horace Waters pinop from personal knowledge, as baing the very flnest ualiiy."- Christian Intetligencer. ''Tho lloracn Waters pianos are ouilt of the best and nost thoroughly seasoned material. We haie no doubt hatbuyers can do as wcll,perhaps botter, at thisthan at bv othoibouse ín the Union." - Advocate and Journal. Waters pianos and melodeons challenge compariaon fith the fiuest made any where inthe country.'1 - Home Journal' "Horace Waters' Piano Fortes are of full, rich and iven tone, and powerful - N. Y. Musical Reveto. 1LOur friencU will flnd at Mr. Waters' gtoro the vpry jpst assortment of Music and of Pianos to be found in he United Siates, and we urge our sontbern and wei tem riends to give him a cali whenevcr they go to N'ew fork." - Grakam'ê Magazine. Warehouse 333 Broadway, N. Y. Sabbath School Bell, Issced In ten Muiiths. The unprecedented sale of this book has induced the lublishci' tfl add somc 30 new tunes and hymns to its presnt size, without extra charge, except on the cheap ediion- Among the many boautiful tunes and hymns added nay be found: - "I ought to love my mother;" "O l'll a good child, indeed I rill." These and eight others rom the Iïell, were ung at the Sunday School Anuiverary of the M. E. Church at the Academy of Music, with reat applause. Tho Bell cotains nearly 200 tunes and lymns.and is one of the best collections ever ssurd. 'rice 13c; $10 per hundred, postage 4c Elegant ly bound, mbosscd gilt, 25c, $20 per 100 It has been introduced ito many of the Public Schools. The : O í is published in small nurabers entitled Annieriary and Sunday School Music Books, Mos. 1,2, 3, k , in order to accummodate the million; price $2 & $3 per undred No. 5 will soonbo isfiued - commencement of nother book. Aleo, Revival Music Books, No, 1 & 2t rice $1 h $2 per 100, postage la More than 300,000 opies of the above books have been iasued the past ighteen months, and the dcinand isranidly increa.sing ublished by HORACE WATERS, Agent, 333 Broadway, N. Y. Publised by Horace Waters No. 333 IJroadway, New York. Vocal, "Kind Worda can neverdie;" "The Angels told me 80;" "Wilds of tho West;" "Thoughts of God;" Givameback my Mountain Home;" "Day nreams;" "Dandy Cock Robin;" "I'm with thee still; "Petnanii's;" "There's no darilng like mine;" "Saiah Jane Lec;""Ev. er of thee;" tlI!m leaving tfieo in Sorrow;" "Bird of lïoauty;" "Homo of our birlh;" "Grave of Rosabel," and 'W;iki', lady, wakeu' price 25c each. ' Instrumental, - ( Talace Garden, or Pinging Bird Polka 40c; "Swinging Schottische;" "Mirabel PchottiRch;" 'Thomas Bakert Schottisclie;" "Piccolomini Polka, 35 cents each. The abovepieccshavebeautiful Vignetteo. "Welmer Polka;" "Arabfan Wai cry Marc.h,1" the vltv last; "Vassovi;una Donlellfl Mazurka; llli;i 1: ing Polka;" "Crinolinn Waliz,' and "Lancers' Qua rirille," 25c each. "The Km pi re of Reich'R Quadrille;" a new dance, and "The Hibcrnian Quadrille," 35coach. Many of theso pieces are played by Hakor's celebrated orebost m with great applruse. Uailcd free. A largc lot. of Foreign Music at half price. Pianos, Hlclodcons and Organs. The Horaco Vators Pianos and Molodeons, for depth, imrity of tone and durability, se unsurpassod. PriceB vory ïow econd Hand Pianos and Ualodeous f rom (26 to $100. Mvhíc andMusicallnstructionR of all kinds, at the loirost pricep. J1ORACK WATERS, Agent, No. 333 Broadwny, X. Y. Testimoniáis;- "The Horaco Water Pianos are known a among the vcry best; ' - Evaiufdüt. "Wecan ppoak of their mcrits frora personal know]. edge." - Christian Intclttgcncer. "Nothlngai the Fair displaced greater eicellence -"- Chttrchman. Waters' Pianos and Melodeons challenge comparison ■with the flnost made auywher in the country."- Home Janrnal. 7iitf Ayer's Sarsaparilla.