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■BtiBíuess Mhtúniq. . I. O. O. F. WASIITKNAWLODGK N'n?", of tlio Indefendent r derof Odff TelTows meeft at thelr I-oJge Boom, Try FriJay evening, at 6 ü o'clock. U. B. YVILSON, N. G. F. SORG, Beo'j. TWITOHELL k, CLARK. AnOHXEVS and Counsellor at law, General Ufe aad Firo Insurance agenta. Office in Cltjr Hall Blook, ÓñHurori.c!:j AnnArbor. Collocliuus jiroinntly made p; ' :' '■■■!. aui.l speciül ai t ei 1 1 Ion pui J lo con ve v ... "'" D. .'twITCHHT. [ttStJj B.r.CLARK. JAMES" B. GÖÏT, I AW OFFICE, No. 2, ovM-Slawson St Géer'S Store. _1 SCÜTT&TOBEY. Aiibkotyp & Fhotogkpii Artmts, in the roms fbrmerly occupied byCordley, over the stare oïSperrjr & Moore Perfect satlsfaction gu&rantaed. L. D. GÖDFREÏ", ATKwnó' ajtd Ooussbixor at Iüw, Ann Arbor I Office North-Ea itCorner of the Cmirt House. SUTHERLAÑD & BELL, WiioimAuü KKr.vii. aaoooa, Buil ideof Main strest Anu Albor. HS l'rovisions bougUt and sold - IST. STRONG, DIA] kb in Drj Good "'si Grooerle, Boni!..; ,. Fancj Ooods, Itc. Èrchange Block, Ann Albor. WINEa & KNIGHT. TTvijiiERsinStaplf, Fancy Dry Gfoods, Boots and Slioes, X' kt. ie, MatnStreot Ann Arbor. "marïin & 'tíiompbon." fjifTRurrcRS Wam liiHus,Deiilor ia all kinds of Fumitnre, V &c. New Block, Mam Stieet. EISDON & HENDERSON, DEALERS ín HafdiaTé,Stoves,htüáefarni8liuiggood8, Tiu Ware &C. ftc, Bloes, Maio Street a. pTmïlls, DiAi.iR in Sliij:lo Bry Snopr Snroeries, Boot and Shoesand Kviulv Made Ciolhing, UuroriiKtrcot Aun Albur, JOHN W. MAYNARD, DKur.n [nStaple Fañcy Dry Goods, Boots and Shoéa, &c. &c, Mmï 11 Street, Ano Arbor. BEAK?a & ABEL, , AntHtmmft Ooi KsmxORfl at t,.vv, aufl BHTïcitora ín ('bauwery. Office in the old Post Ofiicc building, Aun Arbor lniNÏGSLEY & MORGAKü TTOiï.N r:, Counsellor, Solicito, md Notarte Pub i. Ufif hare Books and P1$.U showiBg tltles of all lauda in the youn.ty,4ndattend to con veyancing and collectie iemands, and to pajing taxefi and soböo) interest in any ï.irt of uu Btate. iff&ee easi siie of the Square, Ann Arbor. JAMES B.OOOK, Jpnia ■ Office ii'-.u' Die Deuot, Vpsilanti, MichigaD. "jTlÖVÊJÖYJ! O., PHYRieiAN Si 3üiudx, haa pennanently loeated in the City of Ana Arbnr. aii'l holda hmiscli" in ceadiness to attend to nll calis in the line of bis profession. Residencie onNorth?t., ?d ho use east of Oatbolie Church. Wm-TëiitTm. d., k Sdbokqx. Qfñce at hia residence, North side of Huron ütreet, aud -d house West of División street, Ann ArlSor. O. COLLIER, MiNTKAfTL'RER and dealer in Bootá and Phoc.-i. Exchanj;e Rluck, 2doora South of Maynard, tebbint; &Wi]son's ?tirc, Ann Ai'iur. Mich. Tl(K)RÊ" & LOOMI-'. MiNfFACTüREKs ;m'l ,!rn !'■ m R ■ ,M;ihi t, onfi door north of J. '. llaynard's. Wn. S. SAUNDËES, Dealer in Boots, Shoes, and Rubber, Aan Arbpr Cash Boot k Sime Store, south side of Public Square. "lirdinTERMAN & CO., Wholesale and lïctail deaters and maau&cturera of Ready .Ma de Clotbing, hnporters of Cloihs, Cassimeres, Doe?kin.-, &c. Ro. 5, NYw Ölock, Aön Arbor. a B, poktërT" r Sl-Rr.nov Ub.vtiki'. Office corner of Main KAm? .and Hurón strt-t't., tiv,'r 1'. Bacli's store, UTnBIM Ann Mi. -hierin. -tJ---l-r lyril, M, WmTwagnër,"" DfUixK in Eeady Male Clotbing Ooths, Cassimerès and vBng, i, Cay?, truüks, Carnet Bags, &c. Main Rt., Ann Arbor. Mercuam Taylor aud dualer in Ready Made Cluthinif. HO 41 , Phcenix Bloclc, Ann Arbor. BAcn & pTèrsonT" Heaiers in Hry Goods, Grocerics, Hardware, Boots & J Moes, ie, MaiD sheet, Anu Arbor. MAYNARD, BÏËBBINö"iFcÖ7 Dalers in Dry od, QrooerJM, Drue, & Medicines, IBoots & Mioiy Sic, corner of Main and Ann Seeta just bel =w the Esdoane, Aun Arbor. streets, EBERJ3AÜK &- UQ„ .. Dealers in Drup and Medicines, Perfumery, Toilet artl cíes, a Tewdoore soutli of the PVauilin House, Ann Arbor. SLAWSON & GEËr7 GROCEK", Phuvisiox & Commission Merchauth, and dealersin Water Lime, aoor Ea i oi Cook'a Hotel. C. BLISS, DKALraWnClocks, Waf ches, Jevrelry. and ïancy Goods, at thusiguot theBig Watcli, Nu. 'J7, Phci-nix Iilock. J. ÖTwATTS. DElLEKiuCIocks, Watchos,JeweIryanLlSilver Ware No 22, New Block, Aun Arbor. T. B. FRÊB MAN! Barbek and Fashionable Hair Dresser, Main Street, Aun Arbor, Uien. llair Frcntb and Curia keyt coustantly on hand. öCIiOTF & MILLEBT" DE.iLERS in Miicellaneous, School, and Blank Pooks Pta tionery, Paper Haagings, Sc, Maiu Street Ann rhor. D. DtPOREST. WuoiKKAiüaad Kiiai! Dcalerin Lumbev, Uth, Shin Watei Lime, Grand Hvtr Piaster, (Mister Paris, i ,,U sjles. A lull and perfect _ msortmeut of the abore, anl all bthet Iding matcrials constanfly on hand at the lwet possiljlc rutes, ou Detroit Streel af roiafrom he Hailrgad T'cpot. Also opcrating extenjively in the 1 atent Cement Kooüng. ÏITASUTENiW COUSTT B1BLE SOCIETY. Df.posjtort of lübhs and Testament! at the Societj I'riccs at W. 0. Veorhete'. CHAPÍN, W00D & C0v 8UCCE360E8 TO 3-TJNJ-, CHAPÍN Go MANUFACTUKERSOF 3Pxiixt, Boolt, - ANDCOLORED MEDIUMS, VS7ra,ppins Pnper,c. AIÏS ARBOU UICH. 1) K N T 1 S T ÍUFKE coi nu of Miain iï Huïonstreets, oprioulu tlio Vjf Frauklin HouBe, Aan Arb'-r. yhflM M O0D cu.-tomers any rijlc ui irork deeired in the ri Suigical Mechanical & Deniatry, Teetb filli.,1 „ift .j..,.,, M f, [ d 5I,ongegoM wbid, i.,. be,tj, aoa'durabñity cannot 1 Vu.pafsed f the moithaud nu operalor ehiMren I i mpecfect denütion. mere are many Mw m beáiitlful jníprovenenfr&tely introduoed ni IDetrtirtrT Tfhlch )r txMnty. ;;i Ftrength of work eannot fnil to pleae. Whclo or paitial iet on gold Iilate,.,!..i i i .kj.latma plato. Aí.-o anewflan'l unproved .im'iin the vulcauizí-d ruDber and ffutta percha bue,called Conlite which in nianv it O'Jb