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The Edilress of tlio Thomson, Ga.. Herald indulgos horself in the followiigprovoking aid tantalizing nrtitelo oa tlio suLject oi' kissing: "Vcll, vo rockon some folks vvoukl really liko to know what we thought of it. Let's soo: In the first place we thought what all absurd idoa t is for a man to isk a lady to kiss hini, just as if ho, the senseless being, thought the poor trombling ereaturo was going to do it. Th o idoa of a man asking forathingso casily obtnined ! Why it is ridiculous ! and a man with the least partiële of brains would hoot at the idoa. She'd say no 'till dootn.sday. And you, poor believer, would forogfe the pleaáure oí' drawing nectar irom thftt rose-bud mouth, simply bccause youwere ig no ramas enough to ask for what you might have taken. There are ten thousand ways to kiss a girl without asking tho pleaaure. Direct her attention to somyüiing on tho table; ask for a book you know to hu there, go wifcta the affected purpose of he'piiig her to look for it; be particular to get at hor leít sido - do you need any inoro telling? if you do, you do uot lesfirve the kiss that might be so raoefully taken. A man that would ask a kiss of a fair maideu ought to be arrod and íeathered as a craven haartd mon.stoi-. Dou't ca it, doa't for ,oodneas sake ask the girls to kiss)'ou. ïiss them if you want to, but do it iko gentlomea fhould. Kiss tho:n il' y on can !''