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Garibaldi's Strong Men

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A charactoristio ineiJont ocourrèd at ono of the stoepest rocky ciuiiicncoa,whioh Garilialdi wishèd to ocoupy to obtuiñ a comman ling positrón abovc Palerjno. lio :iad a p jce of nioiiatL'd artillery, but uo meuiis to raise it. WLiilc lm was ' at a stand, at the base of the rough and alfflost perpendicular heiglit, two contadim (edúrttryinen) carne ip and inquired what was fcho cause cf tho delny. Theyworo brother?, and poéaessed the characteristio 'Spirit of tlio Sic-iliiiüs, wiih oven a superior dogroo of' streng h, aitmty and power of endtirance of' the slanders genetally. After a short ccmsnltation betweon tbcmselves, (me óf thein bent liis nnnly frame down over the gun, and embracing it, as one trien 1 does anothéf, with au eftort whicli might be compared with that of Sampson, raised it to hia braad shouliers, and with a slow, trat firm step, comniinfcd tiis way np the rock y path. Ilis brothcr performed tho sime operation with the enrriago of tho gun; md bofjl proeeeded silently, bat resolutely, np tliu ro.-ks, whicli were so rough and so stoep that few men, escept Sicilia! mountaineer8, would willingly atteinnt to asoerid alone. The byB tandera expressed tlieir joy and surprise, but (laribaldi stood gazing it the patrióte as if astonlshod, anl s!ien be reeoveroá himself, he exebimed: "[ knew the Sieilians woro alwaya brave and devotcd to liberty; büt, if ï bad koowo I should find such men as these, I would have come alone!"