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The Tomato As Food

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a professor of tome eelebnty, cottaidera tho tomato an invalnable aritote of diet . and ascribes to it vanciis important i i ■ - J o : 1 proporties. Fifst that Uit) tomato is one of tho most powerful aperieDts oí tho liver and other órgana ; where palomel is índ:ijttpd, it is probubly oni ol' the most offeoiivé and least harmful remedial agen'.s known to tbo professioo. Öecond, that a oh iiihmI extract wül buobtained Irora it thut will guporsede the tise of calorael a tho euro of disenso. Third, that be has suecessfully treated diarrhea witli thi.s artiole alonó, Fourthly, that when used is an artiole of diot it ia an ölmost sovereijpj romody for djspepsia and ndigestion. Fiith, that tshouTd bc cunPtuntly used as a daily fsod, eithér cooked or ráw, or in tho form of catsupi t is the most )e.ilth artiole uo.v in ui-e.