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issued a patbetic appeal to tho republicana ot Miehigans. It says, "Re publican ! "We must work systematically, thoronghly, constaDtly, or be great losers, if not beatep ;" and again, " Without preparation, without efiort, without diligence, without poll lists, you may bo badly beaten," and much more of the same sort. Two month8 ago such warDing notes would have hardly been uttered by the leading organ of tlie proud, self-couceited, selfboasted impregnable republicana Of Michigan. The Tribune has got a flee in ita ear, and smells danger ahead. - And it has reason to. Demócrata close up the column. 13F The Detroit Advertiser says : " we are willing to stake our political reputation upon asserting that Lincoln wijj carry Michigan by 25,000, and Blair at by least 20,000." The editor of the Advertiser can safely make that venture, for he has neither political or other reputafon oi any valuetoloso. L3L" From one of the leaders of the Breckinridge party we have received a copy of the address ordered at the late meeting in Detroit, endorsed, "Tliis issupposed to be sound doctrine. !' That "suppöèed" was well put in.