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Causes And Prevention Of Hydrophobia

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lt has often been observed Muit canino mad" Hess ia moro prrvalcnt in the heat of suinmcr and depth of winter tlmu at sny othcrseason of the year. It well known Ihat both extreme heat and extreme eold produce the eame physical effecls on the animal economy, and the dog is pevhaps lees abie to with.sta.nd with impunity extremes of temperature than most other animáis ; which fnot is doubtlcds on! o tha causes of hydrophobia. In tbis latitude tho variation of temperature ia very great, and hydrophobin 9 of eom" mon occurrenca ; while on the contrary a few degrecs further soutb, where tha range of the meroury ia muoh less thnn here, the dis - case is c mpartitively unknown. In the coldest weather of winter, dogs not only often suffer greatly from want of a warm house or Hheltcr at ui glit, but from the fact that evory thing is frozen they are alsodeprived of drink and often suffer severely from thirst, and which two causes we tlnnk are fully adequate to develop hydrophobia. In summer, dog sliould always havo freo nccc'SB to wa'er, a cool and well shaded plaee to ie, where they caube fully protectod from the heat of the sun, and their food and drink regularly supplied. We exécrate the race of useless curs that cvery where abound, yot it cannot bo expeoted that the peoplc will ever dispersa with dogB, and while this is tho case, it is to be wished they will lieep none but valuable ones and treat them with humani! y . There is perhaps no doubt that hyd.' ophobia is caused by the infraction of some physical law that obtains in the genus canis, and which if understood and acted upon the dis. ease might be almot enürely precluded, PEEVENTIVE OF nVDEOPIIOBIA . Immodintely after a person or animal has been bitten batha the wound well and thorOUghly with hartshorn, (liquid carbonate of ammonia.) Tho bathing should be several times repeated in quick successionand becertain Ihat the fluid pene rates to the bottom of the wound. Weknewacase in'which two mem b:-rs ol a faniily were bitten by the same dog in the space of oneor two minutes ; in littlo over a week one of them was attacked with hydtophobia and died, while the other who had bathed tha wound with hartshorn experienced no injury. Tho remcdy must be applied as soon as possible and before the virus is absorbed. Muriatio acid diluted with warm vinegar is said to bo equally effectual but we have never seen it verified. Every physician knows that hartshorn lo cally applied isa powerful agent in decomposing poisoo of snakes, insects, etc, it is a simple and clienp remody ani if properly ap plied in time, we have reason to believe it feot nal . Sylvan, Juiy 31 , 1860