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A Courageous Lady

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conflagration of the stcaraor Pennsylvania, on tlio night of the 20th inst., while Captain Teal was over the side of the ship working in the water to construot a raft, and his offioers were similarly cngaged, Mrs. McCleary was on the deck of the burning ship working with all the cool bravery of a heroïne She, among the rest, was the coolest and calmest, and by her calía, collected marnier, inspired all around her. She gathered up chairs, door, spars, or any floating material that she could fmd, and threw them over the side of the ship to Captain Teal and his officers; and on one occasion, when the lashings that the Captain was usiug had givcn out, she rushcd into tho burning cabin, the flamesfrom whioh werc madly fastening on everything around, and, making her way to the Captain's room, burst in the door, gathered up several leads, rushed again upon deck,and in that nwful, that trying hour, when death in his worst, most horrible and terrible form stared her in the face, she coolly and delibcrately pickcd up an axe that had been used to remove the doors, &e., and chopped the heavy leads from the lines before throwing them over to the Captain, knowing, and, what is most remarkable, thinking of it at that moment, that if the Captain did not catch them they would