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Missouri Election

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Bpringfield, Atig. 6. "Phelps wil] beat both of his competitors 2,50Q. Handbck Johnson wil] not receive one thousand votes in thia Congressional District. Washingtcm, Mo , Aug. 6. The whole uuion ticket is ahead ia this county about 600. Warsaw, Mo. , Ang. 6. C. F. Jackson's majority, together, with the State tioket, in Benton county is Irom 400 to 500. Itied, for Congress rcccived the samo majonty as the State ticket. J udge Ballou, Democrat, is elccted to the Legislatura by 400 majority. Jefferson City, Mo. Ang. 6. This township gives Price 150 majoritv, and Orr about 100 majority. - Libe'rty township gives Price 31 majority. Union township gives Price 105 majority. St. Louis, Aug. 7. Eighteen precincts heard from give Blair 1,817 majority for the short term, 2'13l majority for the long term. Hermann, Mo., Aug. 7. Result of the election in Chambers, Osage county : Orr, 95; C. F. Jackson, 84; H. JaeksOD, 3; Gardenhire, 6. For Congress - Fhelps, 83 ; Rainey, 15; Price, nono. LATEST DI8PATCII. There ara still two procincts to hear from, which two years ago gave Barrett about 100 majority. The vote has been a very heavy one, b&ing an in crease of about 700 over the vote in 1858. Everything passed off quiotly and without disturbance whatever. As far as heard from Barrett's majority for short term is about 45, and though the result is still doubtful, it is generally conceded that ha is elected for the short term. The Union candidato received about 5,300 rotes, which is a k88 of 700 since 1858. So fui1 Bliiir's mnjoiïty over Barrett for tlie lona term is ubout 1000. Orr, LJnioo, for Govcrnor, receives a majority in this dis' rio: rf 2m00. The Legislativo tickot is in doubt, bui ftivors the Republicana. Tho Republicana atao eleut a mnjority of the county offioere. Tho vo;c fir 0ongre-5smon (rom tlj i s District, parf { it (iffioiül, and one precinct yet t he:ir fiinn, is as follows : Short term Iíarrett 12,595, BUir 12,42G. Burrett'í) mujnritr 169, which will be mero .sed by tha one preoinct to 200. ! Long term. Bl'air 11,381, :i :iin over 1858 r 4,750 Brrelt : , ' I G n cruin ovar 1858 of 2,85!). ToM 4,;i!)'2,'los8 eince 1818 of 1.275.