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The Irrepressible Conflict

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email ipeck of a riot occurred ot tb e first colored church of this City, on Monday evening. Two rival factions claimed jiossession cf the building, and lo sustain their claims clubs and etones were called iiitorequisition. The pólice forcé wbb rallied, the Mayor and Sher ff were called from their beds, and the forme ordered the rioter to disperse on pain of all being taken to jail. Had the order been enforced what a refreehing season Sheriff Lïon ard and fnmily would have enjoyed. Think of the thermometer at 95, and every room a " nest." Odoriftrous, that. GF" We visited Whitmore Lako on Thnreday of last week, and with "better half' and little Ponds took a sail on the Lake The little ones took to the water as natm-ally as ducks. Avert was overrun with guests, froA Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, and was doing everything to make their stny pleasant. We think he saeteeded. _ ... ,-.. .- f lt#" The Executive Committee o the Regents of the Univergity were ineession in onr City on Wednesday. JCS" Within the past few -weeks Mr. J. J. Tatlor, of New Jcieey, has pur. chased in this County one thousand sheep which have been or soon will be shipped to that State. Two thousand havo been purchased by other parties the present eeason for shipment to other State, principally to Texas. We are informed that these Sheep have commanded an average price of $1,C3 a head.