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Considerable excitement has prevailed in our City. and in the neighboring village of Dexter, during the last week. It is alleged that Mr. George W. Hayes, a prominent tin of DeStcr, going tohbhomeon Friday night last foun i hU roominvndeJ by a young man named Chas. Bostwick, undor circumstancei that fully ïmpressed hm with the guilt ofhiswifo. ! collision ensued, Mr. H. getting the worsl of it. Crying mui-dor a largo number of citizens went to the roeeue, but töo late to secure the arrest of Bostwick. Mr Hayes wnsoonsiderably injured Out of the affair has grown suits for Assuult and Battevy with intent to kill, and for Adultery, brought by Hatks againët both his wife and Bostwick; and iuit brought by Hr3. Hates for divoreo, and against sundry peraons for assault and battery. We have no desire to give details, and as the judicial iovestigations are prooeeding, it might be improper had we the disposi tion. Bostwiok was arrestod on Welnesday and is now in jail. Ho was found ia a dwelling near Doty's brick yard, presented himself beforetheoffioers with a pistol in each hand, but suecurabed before a pair of revolvers.