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GREAT, GREATER GREATEST Bargains  KVKKOKJMKKl) 5cSïaO Ia iliU üt-jfi nro now being oflercd at tliá cmikai',(;lock,watcii, & T o -"cv OIry storci!K Stibscriber woulü sny to the citiftoeol Ann Ar■ hor i i particular, ana riüM of WnhtPna'w ■■.■rul. 'uit h.' luis juat IMPORTEU Dl KKl.' 'I'I.V frota BOllOPK. Trcnieiidons Stock of Watclics! Ali of wliifli he l.iiKls liinip.-lllo s.-ll riïKAlT.ll thn enn beboqglri woel of Kew York t-'ity. OpenFaoa Cyllnder Wotctae trom Só to SlD ,ln dn Luver do do to SI Uuntinetrte do do .io 14 to :. do do Cylinder iiü do 9 to 36 Ciolil WMehe lïoiu 20 to 150 I have Biso the CELE BU ATE D AMERfCAÏf WAT CHES, wbicb 1 wlll etn Itr &:n. EveryVvatch vrarranfed to (jeriorm wel), or Cfao niMioy r Clüukg) Jow dry, Pin tod War, Fnnc'y f-Jooda, Gold l'ens, Musicdl Instruments m- gtrjnge, . Cuii' ry, &C .itul% tu Fact n raripty of everytïiln" U4ualfy kepttSY Jew eïi n can bc bon ght for the aext ntooiy daya at vuur O W N ] R I C E S ! Personi huying anything fit thts well hnuwn estabtlshJCne ut cm) rrly iijun u'cttinj: gooda exac-t'y as reprt-'aentpd, orthemonny relunded. Callenrly aud secure the beai bargsiua ever ofïcrcd in Ihli City. Ono word in regard to Repair i üg : We arp prpparod lo mnke any rep aira or.&np or com iïiuii VVatchea, even tomuklngc ef tbe en tiro watcn, If ufceihury. Repalring ol i Jowelry na tunal. Alriu tho maDufacturtog ol ItTNGS,ffROOCWS-, or auythin deatred, firqaiCnltf iwift Gold onehortnottca ." ' -i,.! ii nllits t-rttiu-hcëcxtiontfrd witb neot uces mul difpatch, J (.. WATT.: Auu Arbcr, .Inn. SJKlL "59. 7Mw Sometliing Worth Reaiding! Sctioflf&Üfliller, AÍ1K .'.liAUN on KAND.attjielncU slsaif, (Tfarei UoorsNoitliof Frunklni,) witb the mott rompióte uud E x tensivo Assort ment -orBooks and Stationery, Wall and Wiudow Papers, Oil Painted, and Gold Boideted Sbades, Cxirtain Rollers, Tassels, Cords, AS A THOUSANU. ANDONETEINGS In tbelr lino, KNTIUBI V TOO NUMFROOSTO MF.NTION, whicb thsyiul vite tfiéitr friéndt, acdth'e public gnnernlly, tu caijIj cis 33:2c -x:M:i3sr 33 Befbre Purchasiug Elsewhere, fis thoy Hatter thcraselrcsilutt tbeir Styios and lJr:-.:n mnnotfall to prove eatisfactory. .Aun Arbor Muy 1, 1859. ÍTüRACK VVAI'ÊRS, AGEN T 3;i;ï roa I w ay, N c ff Y o k I'ubllsht r oí aiK'l Musiv lioolkH AXD DBAUE IN' Pianos, Melodüone, Alexandre Ói Organ Accordeons, Martio's celobrafc.l áñdother (ïuihirs, Violin'sj Tenor Viols, Violincellos, Accordeons, Flutinas, Flatcs, Pifes, TrianglesClari )ñett9, Tuníng Forks-,Pipe andlíatnmers, Yioliu Bpwe, best Etalian Stririgs, Baáa Insíruinciit-s for Bands, Piano Stools, and covers, and all kinds of Musical Instruments. S h o e t 3VE ix S i o, fniiii ;ill hf publishers In ttic Ü. S., Bertini Huntio's, and Modern School, a&dall fcindi of UuirnotiOG for thfl above inatrmnenta] Chureh Uus ■■ Books; M isic otegantly boundi Mu.sic paper, and all kinds of Uasic MerchandlsO, A t t heLowest Prices. New Pianos, AL $!7.'", L200, $225, $250, and up to $S00. Secoud Hand Pianoe Erom SU5 up tb 16pj Now Melodeons, $45,' . ,, ?H)fl, and np lfi 00; Seconcl Hand Uelodéons , to c11): Alexandre Oroans, with five stops, $160, nineslop, Slö and $225; thírtceu lUops, $250, W75 and ■ teen stops, $820 ïind 375; A literal dfscouat i ■ . ; '. nii'i!, ('liiirrhcs, Sablmlh Schools, Peminnrio and Teachers. The Trade iupplied at tho usual tni.lo discouotl Tcstliiiunlals of tlic Iloraee AVatrs Planos HIK! .MriiKlciiii .. John ITowett, of Garthagtt}Kw York, who bas had ono of tho HoraodWaters Ranos, w ritos as follmvs: - -!A friend "f mine wishasme topurchaseá piano for her, ho likeó the one oujBold me in December, 1869. My ptaao béoomiog popular in Ehifl placo, nnA I thínk I can introduce ono or two wore] Üxéy will bc more popular any other mako.'1 'W nave two of Waters1 Pianoa in nae In ourPemiimry, one of whioh has been Beverely tosted for threc yeara. aml we oan tetifj t" their good analitr and durabilitv." - Wocjfl & Gnjgory, MoutU Carrotl, Hl. "II, Waters, EBq. - iM:.R Sin: Ilnving used one of your I'iano Fortes for two yoars past. 1 have fon tel Itaverj guperior Instrument. AloKzp (ïkay, I'rinripaf rronklijn, Heigkti Se.minary. "The Piano I receivdd from you coatinues t }v gat Isfactton, 1 regard it as onr of the best instnimcnls iu the place." JsMtS 1 (i.AliKE, Ctwrlr&on, Va. "The Melodeop. him s;if -v :tn ivi-ï. l feel oblíged to you fory our libera] dicüunt.'' Kev. J. MoCoiuacft;, YarqtusviüeS, C. "The pi:inu wal dnlj reoeiyöd. Itcama inexcelleni eondltion, and is vory mneb ádmired bvniy numVrous f:niily. Accept mv tJiank.8 for jour promptiieW - RöBERT Coopbb, Wárrtnkam, Bratljocd Co. Pa. "Your piano pleaSM na wiM). it [a the best ono in our Gounty."- TnoMiis A. Latuam, Campbellton, Ga. are verv much obliRod to you for haring sent PHch afine ínsfrument for $250." - Bkank,1Isld & Cot !rTo,'o Dt-mocra'. x4LThe Horace Watera Pisnoaareknown asamong the very best wi are enftblea to bpetüi of these instrumenta with eonfidenoe, from peisonal knowlodfro of their cxcgHciH tone itnd djurabb) qualily." - N. Y. Evangelist. "We oftn Bpeab of the raei'its of the Ilovace Waters pianos frora pc-vsunrii kito'.vle'lgo, as boing the very qualüy." - Christian Intctligenctr. '■Tlio Horace Waters pianos are built of the bed and ihoSt fh'.ironK"Iy scationcd inaterial. We hae do doubt that boyera can daswcll'tpefliapa botter, at thlathan at any otherbouse in the Union,'' - Advocate and Journal. ';it'rs' pianos and melodeons challenge cotn witb the ftnest made anywiion; in the country."- Ton Journal"Horaöé Watéri' Piano Fotte ace of anrl even tone, and po werf ui - -V. Y. M'isical Rcüew. 'Oor friend tt will ftnd at Mr. Paters' store the very bes1 asiortmenl of MaBio and of Pianos to bo fonnd ro te ! Stfttee.and we urge our gouthern and woKtern Monda to give him a cali wheuever they go to New York."- Graham's Magaiinr, Warehouse 333 Broadway, N. Y. SabbathSchool Bel], 100,000 Isauctl in ten Months. The unprecodented (iale of thia book has índuced the puïttisher to aid syme i0 new tunesand hyinntt toitö present bIm, withoul extra charge, exeept on thecheapeditii'ii- Among tliomany beauiiful tunea and hymns added may be fonnd: - '"I oughi to love xaj roother;" "O l'll be a kooiI childl(indeed I will." 1 ■' othprs IVom the BèDj W9TB tfUDfi at the Sunday School AnniverBary of iho M. K. Chureh at tho AcaSemy of Muslc, wfib great applause Tho lïr.'U contains nearly200 tunes and hvrnne, and ir ono of the best celtoctiona ever gsued. Pnce 13cj $10 per hundred, posinpe 4c Elegant ly bound, embnssed gilt, Mc, $'0 per HM) It ha been introduced into mauy of the Public School. The ie! ia pnblished ín small numbers eiiUtk1! Aiiniversary and Sunday School Alucie Bookp, Nos. 1,2. 3, h 4, in order to ;t comróödale the million; pnce J2 k $3 per hundrod Xo. 6 i!t goonDQ tssned - commcnct'infnt af another book. Also Kovivai Mysio Books, Nu, 1 4; ü, price ?1 & Í2 per 100, postagc lc. Hun than 300,000 copien of the aliove booka haTe boen tssned paal ii rannths, and the demanA isiMpiilly imireasing. Pablished by IIOUACF: WATERS, Agent, :. Bcoftdway, N'. V. Fublised by Horaco Watois No. 333 Broadway, New York Vocal, rtidhá Wbrds cari neVerdfe;'1 ''Tfic ïngftTi told .' "WUda of t lic - :" "Thoughta o e God;" ■'OiTemebaeb nw Uoontatn Home;'1 "Day Dreajn&;" "Dandy Cock Einblb;" 'Tin witli Ihee Btill;Pel - ■ i :i.-i.'V i' ITUnS ''!v0 njine t Jane Leoj" ■lvcr (f thge;! I'in lfeaviog thee ;n Sorrow;" ['Bird of Beauty;" f 'Home of our biith;" "Grave cf Rosa bel," aud 'Wako, lady, wake,.3 i ■ . ■■■ 26ettch. iNifti'MENTAi., - ' Falabe QftBden, or Blnglng WrtI Polka ' tóe; "Öwtoging Schottíache;" "Mirabel Schot!■■..■!. .' 'Thomns Bakorta ftffhotrtlqh9:' "l'iccolomini Polka, 35 centa Tho abov pieces ] LVQbeAuttfu] Vignettee. " Welnoer Polka ;'' ■iAiiatii;ni Was nv Murch. ' the very last; illa Mazurka ing Polka;" "prbioUne WalU," and lancera,' Qua drutó,n2$c each. ''The Empire of Reich's Quadi oew dance, and "The Bibernian JJuádrlUe," 36ceach. Many of these piocea are playod by Bakera' celebrated orclifit ra wíth grcat applruse.ifif" Uailed Oreeí A largelot of Foreign Musfc ftt haïf price. Planos, MolOílcons and Orgaus. The lïnrace Wfcter PïflMo and Welodèorfs, íbr depth, purity of tone and durabilHy, are nr tai [MWt 'i Prioi s vory low decond Rand PtanbH and Melodeona'from $-í (o $150. Music and Musical InhtrnoUrtw óf all tho lowest priceti. HORAOE WATERS, Agent, Ko. y:J3 Mroadwity, N'. V. Horace Waten l'iauoaate kuown as amoug thoyexy N-.t.' -Ecnielitf. - '■ VO eau spoak of ihoir medita íiimi, personal kno 1eilge. " - Ckrhtiau Iritehigcnccr. blng&t tlio Tair dinpluyed gVeaterexcclleuce " - Ckurchman. ■ VTatci s' Pii ca ■' ■ ■ '. 'f ge compáviuon itii tbe thiéat made anywheixiii Ute couutrjr.1 - Hmnc hi'tnuiï. ' 71'Jti' Ayer's Sarsaparilla. JM E w HJB JtU SB LJ KLL NEW STORE!! EO" e X7sr P i r isa. o New Furniture. MARTIN & THOMPSON, SL'CCESSORS TO O. M. MARTIN, HAVI! JL'ftT OPEKÈD IN' THElKncw nd Elegant War c-R ooms BAST SlDKüK MALN gTKECT, l. un A r b or, A COM TL E TE STOCK OF ROSEWOOD, MAIIOGAJNY an-1 SETS OF PARLOR FURNITURE INCLUD1NG Sofa!, Tttc-a-Tetes, Mahogany ROSE-WOOD, BLACK WALNUT, Plain and M a r t 1 e Topped O g GÜTF ! IS TT A O !L S Op ROSEWOOD, MAHOGANY, BLACK WALNÜT, FANOY and COTTAGE CHAIUS, &C.j &C, &C,, &C. J9L. K_ SIS 3 9 El e g a n t MI II II O K S , Bureaus, Secretarles, CL3 tL z&m. ip li es l eO B e d-R oom S o t s , 1NCLUDING LAÏEST ÖÏYLES, -ofOF ïtiE BEST QUALITY AND Different Material. In Fact they Have Everything W- II- I- C- H "The Old Folks," O-R "YOUNG MAREIED PEOPLE " V A NT T-0 F-U-R-N I-S-S PARLOR, BOÜDOIR, SITTING ROOM, OR KITCHEN, AND OUR CITIZENS NEED NO longer go to Detroit or olsewhere To Fiucl ALARGE ASSORTMENT T-li-i-S FURNITURE MUST BE SOLD - A N DAnd Will be Sold : A- T VER Y LOW PRICES! fífT Iit c-vfiv man anT his wift or going to be wifc, COME AND HKK. The valuó hare a II E ARS E O AR RI AG E, Wö rtre ,'ihv.iyft rffttlv lo sttíMul to the burial of the enl in the City and atljoiuing oountry. Ware-RoomB pat liddi ol M 'M ''■'■t. bten Washington and Uberty. Ann Arbor, Nov . 1859. O, AL MARTIN. C. ■ B. THOMPSON General Land Agency PHRSONS wantlng farme, or resldenceef n urntM nn Arbor, can by culllng on mo aolect from a llat ofovor 1OO Farms Kor Sale! Ot vnrious aies from 3, to 1300 acrcseAch (som e at goodueanyinthia t'ntwity.) Morcthaa SO Dweliu Hoitses nthleOlty.fromtwo liundrcJ to iourtlioutnnddo arieach: and over 2OO BUILDING LOTS! Amongthefnrma aro tho lïiehops rnrm, I300MTM tbc I'ottcr farin, in Groen Oak; the Placefarm, aui 4d) ar ree, thcHlmulonand Jenks farms, in Webster; ab5s, Mlchael Cluncy, Nowton Beegan, and Fallaha farme. in Ann Aríior: J. Kiuiislny'i farm, n thn Hatch nnd TTïck t'firma ia Lodl; tlic PatrlckUayufarm io Frcodom; W. . Davlbon, lï. O. Baker s and Kuck'e fitrms la SylvSin . Most of tiiose aal mftny otbers can bo dlvidod to tuit urubnbers i: W.MU.iGAIV. AnnArboJ, Jan. lst, 1S56 03 RiffiüJS k in:.i)j;itóOi - asu jbectkw - BLOC 3ESLNE W II A RD WAKE STO R E ! ! ! o WE Won.n CAM.THK ATTlCNnnXOF TUK rTül.lf tu our sluck of 3C m. Bt. H "ffcW A. IK J0R3 --A.IXC1Mr rjf je? mm IEON, STEEL, NA1LS, TIN, COITER, & SIJEET IKON WAKE, ('HAIN AND CISEERH PUMPS, . PAIiYJlS.OILS, GLASÖ, BRIIANNiA WAKE, &c, &c, &c, t&c. Ainl ererv kind of Hardware andHouso Fuffiishing L- 9 :bl9 mm AU ork :ill IC( ' ; .i'iCHK„VP.i$at o I ■ Establishnient in Michigan, Best Assortment oí Cooking P A ü E O B A NI) l'LATE JS TOV 3E3 SS IJST TUIS STA.T23, And will sellthem Cheaper than THE C II E AP AST, Piense cali and aea as. All feiodp of tiowfie kept on hand. i'articuhir attenliod paid to al! kinds of Which wlU be done wlth NEA'IWESS AND DlSPkTCU. Plejtallanrt see onr STOVK RriM u 2d lorj of New i RISDOM ;c im:mi k.--').. Aiiti Arbor.Oct. 7, 1859. JSTJE1%7S7' C3r O O 13 S . U1C11 OODS! CJiciipGoods! ! BACH& PIER50N ITATE .H'sï ÓPEWfeD TUK 0 II O I C E S ï STOCK - orSpring and Slimmer Good lo bc found in tlii.s City, eonsistiúg of LADIES'DRESS GOODS CAItEFULLY SELECTED, pjirchtio dwapi and Warranted to 1'leasc Alm, ÖENTLEMEN'S GOODS, tica, Staj-Ies, Family Goceries, &c. Consult your öwn intcifslR cali nnp fjnly, I5ACH A PIERSON 1859 1859 City Cheap Luinber Sash, Doors Blinrl?, Plastet Paris, Grand River Piaster, Water Lime, Nails of all sizes, Glass, Paint and I'utty, Lc. &c. D. DeForest, HAV1NG incröR8d hifc facilitics ior doi.'tg buslnePJ- nnd ealrgoiï big Ysrd and Sflockta pPfl paied the present soaeor!, itli t! c boe'., largeit and choai:et scasoned stock evoriu ibis msrlit. to satisly the rcascnuble expectanoM of all. Our motto isnotto beundcrsoldfor cash on delivrry. 1 will not umlcriakctofriglitcDtbepuWic bysaying that thcywill gotshavedit thcy Duy olaewhrre, for we presume that othcr w illaellaslow asthcy 0n alford to. All kinds of Timbcr, Joists, and Scantling, Pine, Whitewood, Iïatswood, Hem. ]ock, Flaned and Matched Pine, Whitewood Ash Flooring. Planedand röueh Pine uncí White wood sidinn.Krnct l'ütste, Üak andOednr F os te aud Tickets Ol all biiidtf. IP'int fatlj, ant) lllljitctüooï) iC. .n rtno, AaliMul VVhiicwood Shingk-e, Barn Boaids and Baru Floor Plank, B!aekVa.ut,and Chcrj-y aud thin ,-tuir, Wügonaud BUGGY AXLEÖ aud TONGUEö, Boxand Body Lumber.Maple Log Timlier, Hkkory. Oak? Ash, EIm, Beech, Of uMr.hiekuessegjWldtïis outllenyths, Sec. &c. , Piaster Paris, and Piaster oíallkimla. iVívilft ol" all zes, &o., Ac, SASTL DOORS, & BL1NDS, made by band to order as lowaa factory price. on the ehortcitnoticc by the bestot workmen, and Best Seasoned Lumber; Bil! of all dorription in the abovo building line furnishedonthcahortcetof notice, for We have Mills Cutling Regularly. A fullanda perfect asaortment of the above uid othcr kiode of Building Materials Constantly onhanda! thc-lowestpossible rales Cali and be Convinced. A few tod souh from R. Depot on Detroit Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. n o o f i n o. N.B. - I am riow operating Extensively in the Patent Cement Rooflng. Til E PEORÍA MARINE & FKRE rNSURANCE OOMPAN Y, QF F E Olí IA, ILLINOIS. Capital, - - - SOO.OOO. one of the UKAViK.-r. SATEST.-and BESI lMtírtfc Co1, n i!'." r wáyrt pny pronipfly( ' ■ rauco Conii'.'iii.v. Ayer's Agüe Cure.