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Arcmd thu lovely valley rise The pvrple hiils uf Riradise. Oh. so tly on yon banks ot haio Htr rosy lace tuu Summer lu_, ! Becalmed along the azure lty, The argi8ies oí cloudland lio, Whose shoret, with rany a ahining rifí, Far off the ir pearl white pcuka uplift. Thi'ough all the long niidsummer day The meadow fides are sweet with hay, I seek i he cooUíat sneltered eat, Just where the field and forest meet - Where grow the pina trees t all and biand, The aiicicnt oaka austera and grand, Aiid fringy roota and pebbla fret Therippiea oí ihe rivulet. I watoh the mowers as they (?o Thro' the tal Igras, a white sleeved row , Wnh even atroke their seythea they swing I" tune their merry whetatone ring ; Hehind the nnnble yciungttra run And tos the ihick awatha in the aun ; 'iheeatlle graze, while warm and stil 1 . Slupea the broad pasture bka thetaill, And bright when summer breezes break, The green wheat crinkles like a lako. The butterfly and biimble bee Come to the pleas&nt wooda with ma; Quickly beforo me runs the quail, The chickena akulk behind the rail, High up the lone wccp pigeon its, Añil the woodpecker peoka and flits. Sweet woodland rnusic ainks and awella, Thj brooklet ringa its tinkling bella, Thé swarruing ins ota drone and hum, The patridge beats hia throbbing drum. The equirrel leapa among fue boughs, And chatters in the leafy housa. The oriole flashes eye and look I Int the mirror of the brook, Whtre the vain blue-bird trims he ooat, Two tiny feathers fall and float. As ailently, as tenderly, The crown of peace desceñas on mo. Oh, this is peaee ! I have no need Of friend to talk, or book toread ; A dear Companion here abides : Close to my thrilling heart He hides; The holy silence is Éis Voioe ; I lie and listen, and rejoiee.


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